Zoo refuses to save drowning champ, so man jumps guard rail & takes matters into his own hands


Initially, it is our belief that wild animals should not be kept in zoos. As an illustration, chimpanzees deserve the chance to live freely according to their natural instincts.

Regardless of the space they have or the level of care they receive, wild animals are still better off in their natural habitat.

We couldn’t resist sharing this video of a daring rescue operation with you. It shows a man bravely disregarding zoo rules and warning signs to save a chimpanzee by jumping into a pit. This is a true example of heroism!

In 1990, a chimpanzee named Jo-Jo accidentally fell into the man-made moat surrounding the chimpanzee enclosure at the Detroit Zoo. Despite being chased by a more aggressive chimpanzee, Jo-Jo was able to leap over the barrier designed to prevent him from entering the water.

Jo-Jo struggled to stay calm as he drowned in the water while around ten shocked spectators looked on.

Rick Swope, a 33-year-old truck driver, was present with his wife and three children. Witnessing the fear on Jo-Jo’s face, he felt compelled to take action and jumped into the water to rescue the enormous ape.

Please remember that chimpanzees are five times stronger than humans. In addition to being in a restricted area for visitors, the chimpanzee was also surrounded by a large group of other chimpanzees who could have become aggressive at any moment.

Rick continued without stopping. When he rescued Jo-Jo from the sea and placed him on land, his family was astonished. It wasn’t an easy task.

Rick once lost control of Jo-Jo, causing the chimpanzee to disappear underwater. However, Rick didn’t give up and eventually managed to rescue the 200-pound (90 kg), 18-year-old chimp.

Jo-Jo emerged from the sea in poor condition, but he survived thanks to Rick.

Rick informed the Chicago Tribune that he thought the man was watching him and knew what was going on.

Check out the brave rescue here!

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