Yuri continues to criticize the crystal generation and calls them lazy: “they break quickly”


The Mexican singer Yuri has been a constant in different television programs, in addition to having a long musical career, the jarocha, as she is affectionately called, has commented on a couple of occasions on her discontent with the new generations.

Causing controversy with her words, the artist is once again in the eye of the hurricane for talking about young people. However, she understands that times are changing and the industry itself. She cannot understand why many complain about her current situation and do nothing about it.

The 58-year-old singer has said on more than one occasion that older people today are carved in a very different way since young people do not have the same desire to work as they do. In an interview with a Mexican program, Yuri explained her reasons.

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She believes that few would put up with all the long and arduous process she had to go through to get to where she is today and achieve her achievements and successes. “My brothers also wanted to be artists, but they did not have the spirit that I had as a warrior.”

Likewise, the celebrity took the opportunity to refer to the “glass generation”, since they are young people born as millennials and generation Z.

Instagram @oficialuri

“The new generation gets tired of everything. ‘Lady, the sun is already shining on me’, ‘yes, but you’re a gardener’, ‘yes, but I can’t take it that long’, ‘how?! How old are you?’, ’22’. Oh no, my love. Dedicate yourself to something else, how are you going to be a gardener and they are just cleaning a window and you are cutting the grass… ».

Finally, he ended with some harsh words addressed to all young people with financial, work or existential crises.

“They are a generation of glass, they break quickly. No, here those of us who endure the rod are the seventies, the eighties ”, comments that aroused all kinds of reactions on social networks.

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