Youtuber helped a thousand blind people to see, and He spent millions of dollars.


Popular content creator MrBeast rounded up 1,000 blind people and paid for each procedure and surgery so they could see again. In addition, he gave them $100,000 each so they could live “more peacefully.”

At this point in history, very few are unaware of who the YouTuber MrBeast is. This American boy and his channel have become extremely famous and viral due to his peculiar dynamics. Jimmy Donaldson, 24 years old and commonly known as MrBeast, is characterized by spending huge amounts of money in different dynamics. Whether you meet him in a store and offer to pay for everything in your cart, he gives you money for hiding, or he even comes to your store and buys everything in it to donate it. Their most famous event was his recreation of the popular series The Squid Game, where he awarded the same amount that the winner of the series got.

On this occasion, Jimmy performed another great act of kindness: He paid for the operation to cure the blindness of a thousand patients, which was recorded in his last video.

MrBeast explains to his more than 130 million subscribers that “many blind people in the world only need a 10-minute surgery” to see again.

“If you’re wondering how surgery allows people to see again, it’s because the crystalline lens in their eyes is so cloudy they can’t see through it. The surgeon then uses a small vacuum to suck out the cloudy and replace it with an artificial one. Surgery is that simple! They can see again,” he said.

“I can see everyone’s faces now,” said one recipient. “[They’re] a little blurry with my tears coming out.”

In less than a day, the video already had 30 million views, and among the beneficiaries were many Latinos, especially from Mexico, Honduras, and Brazil.

Many have been in awe of his incredible generosity and wonder what motivates him to do these works.

Well, something that not everyone knows is that at 24 years old, MrBeast has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. It is a condition in the intestines that, to date, does not have a cure.

The condition, which can occasionally be fatal but is not always, affects the digestive system from the end of the small intestine to the colon. Many claims that his charity stems directly from the uncertainties brought on by the sickness.

The same American has noted that all the money he receives from YouTube goes toward the substantial prizes he will give away in his upcoming films. These are even translated into Portuguese and Spanish.

It is estimated that he receives more than 4 million a month.

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