Your son chose you to be his mother.


There is one important thing about being a mother that you probably did not know. It is the children who choose their parents. Yes, that’s right, your child has chosen you to be in your womb, linking his soul to yours.

During this journey, souls travel through experiences we cannot remember, generating a connection even before birth. Souls united forever.

We invite you to this beautiful reflection on motherhood:

“A day like today, you came to this plane through me. I wouldn’t have enough words to tell you everything this experience has been like, all the emotions and sensations that have inhabited me since I found out you were in my tummy.

You are growing so fast, keeping intact that look that contains innocence, a desire to discover the world, and a lot of love above all. But I tell you that you are not growing alone. I am doing the same because your life represents the period in which, through trial and error, I have developed as a mother.”

“I want you always to remember, more than anything else, that the purpose of life is to be happy. On your way, there will be everything; sad faces, happy faces, but only you decide how to live, what to take for yourself, and what to let go. Make your balance always positive, and live every moment without longing for tomorrow.

Don’t waste time on anything that steals your peace. Do what makes your soul vibrate; the rest will come in addition. Do not depend on anything or anyone. The creative energy resides right inside you. Becoming aware of it, you have everything.”

“Think beautifully, and your life will be like this. What nests in your mind will become part of you, not only in thoughts but in experiences. Silence your mind from time to time and listen to your essence. From there, you will clarify any doubts you may have.

Be grateful. They are the best crystals with which we can see life. The more you thank for your blessings, the more they will come to you. Thanking is the best way to ask.

Love transcends my little one and unites those who love each other for all eternity. I love you above all things, without conditions, no matter what you do or don’t do. I am infinitely grateful to live for allowing me to be a mother and especially to be yours. I appreciate and honor our agreements… those that are engraved in our hearts.”

“I do not deny that putting yourself in a bubble and protecting yourself from everything bad that can make you suffer is not tempting, but that is limiting yourself. It is stealing experiences from you, and if you chose me for this transit, the best thing I can do is love, support, and respect you. I am not here to trace your path, although I would like to accompany you in your steps.

Thank you for being part of me, a beloved son. My life is much more beautiful since you are in it. Forgive my mistakes. Here I am, learning by your side but doing my best to do my best. I would love to be able to share many more birthdays with you and keep getting to know you and falling in love with you more every day.”

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