Young street sweeper graduates and celebrates his achievement with his grandmother


There is no doubt that after a long time, efforts and sacrifices great things can be achieved. Education, for example, is one of the privileges that few people have since it is difficult for everyone to have access to school.

It is important to say that each country is different and being able to study is not always the same in all places, because while some do not pay anything and can continue until university, in other cases against penalties they can finish primary or secondary school.

Feliciano Abarca is a young man who really wanted to get ahead, however, he could not do it due to different obstacles. Since he was little, he learned to earn things through a combination of efforts. He currently works as a sweeper in the Ilobasco Municipal Mayor’s Office, with a broom and bag in hand, the young man goes through the streets of his community to clean it.

The local newspaper shared the news about Abarca, who knew how to take advantage of the opportunities that life gave him and was able to finish his bachelor’s degree what better way to celebrate than to celebrate it with the person who has supported him the most?

It has been his grandmother, who has figured as his mother figure, the mother who has accompanied him at every stage; That is why he shows his diploma with great pride and although many criticized him for his situation, he never felt less.

“Success in life is not measured by what you achieve, but by the obstacles you overcome! I only have to thank everyone who gave me their support,” Feliciano wrote, thanking everyone who supported him.

His trade was not an impediment to being able to study, on the contrary, it represents one more goal in the path of everything he can achieve if he really sets his mind to it. In addition to that, it will be an example for many young people in El Salvador so that they also pursue their dreams.

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