Young brothers launch a lucrative lawn maintenance business.


These kids must be appreciated. These siblings, who are working hard, were able to launch their company before the brothers turned thirteen. ??

You occasionally come across a child whose fighting spirit is way past their age, but have you ever seen three such children in one go?

This is the scenario with the three brothers we will talk about today. They managed to launch their own company before any of them turned thirteen.

These pre-teenagers are just remarkable.

For the McBride boys, Marcus, Travell, and Marcelino, 12, 10 and 9, respectively, it was another July spent engaging in the typical summertime activities.

The three boys did something that many grownups would never be able to do in just a year.

They started their own business.

The boys were able to start a company with each other in Saginaw, Michigan, where they all reside.

Marcus, the eldest sibling, presented his mom with a marketing strategy at the beginning of everything.

Their mother was more than happy to assist.

Sometimes the suggestions your children make to you are absurd.

You have to agree if they approach you with a logical business idea.

As the eldest son Marcus told their mother, Terri Reed, that the boys desired to launch a lawn care business, she immediately accomplished that.

The following day, Reed went shopping for all the tools they required.

The three youngsters quickly became the “3 Amigos,” cutting two lawns daily and earning hundreds of dollars.

Also, the brand name they settled on for their business was ideal.

The three were then started to be called the 3 Amigos. By the summer of 2021, the 3 completed all the mowing, trimming, weed whacking and cleaning activities.

Soon they ended up with a hit. The boys soon attracted several regular customers with the job completed so well.

Other than regular contacts, they also dealt with some commercial properties, which were harder to complete.

At first, it was just a way to make some cash for the summer. Though it ended up as a full-fledged business.

By the way, it was winter next. Yet they indeed had plans to work in the winter too.

During the winter, Michigan is seriously cold, and it is not easy for the 3 to keep working. So they needed a new process to keep their business running through the winter.

They did come up with a new look. Since winter arrives, trimming lawns and cutting grass isn’t possible by any means. So they devised a plan to change their business into a snow removal company.

After coming up with the gear, they started to do their jobs. According to plans, they began serving their existing customers with snow removal services during winter.

You could have a peek at the 3 Amigos on Facebook.

A business’s hardest part is having a continuous lineup of customers to use the company’s services.

The boys already had that regular customer base. So it was not that hard to transform from leaves to snow removal. According to the updates, the 3 still runs a successful business.

Watch the clip below to learn more about the 3 Amigos!

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