You won’t find another actor who adores his fans so much as this man does. He’s above and over everyone else.


He treats his fans as if they were his family.

Actor Johnny Depp is one of the most loved celebs in Hollywood. This award-winning actor is most famous for his roles in 21 Jump Street, for characters acted under director Tim Burton, and as the world-famous pirate captain, Jack Sparrow.

Nowadays, he’s most talked about because of his case against Amber Heard, his former spouse. Let’s keep it a side as we’ve heard about it enough. What do you think makes him such a fabulous actor? According to many, it’s his philanthropy.

Most of the roles he played got famous because of his slightly unconventional and unique behaviour, which was loved by people.

It’s not only when he acts but in everyday life too. He doesn’t cause problems in real life like Captain Jack Sparrow.

He doesn’t forget to visit his little fans at hospitals occasionally. The fantastic actor recently visited the British Columbia Hospital to spend time with his little fans. A pirate party was organized to welcome him on that day.

Everyone in the hospital, including doctors, nurses, and patients, was excited about his visit.

Pamela Smith, the spokesman representing the hospital, told the ABC, “We wanted to surprise our patients, So we kept quiet until the last minute.”

Depp came to the hospital, and the patients were surprised and excited to see him. He did a great job acting his role for five hours straight.

He played the classic character of Jack Sparrow that day, and patients loved and enjoyed it. As he had only five hours, he tried his best to visit every patient and make them happy. What a great man.

This is not the first occasion he’d acted in this manner.

In 2015, he gussied up as Jack Sparrow and paid a visit to a hospital in Brisbane. Depp’s goodwill was also felt by healthcare professionals and people at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.

As the pirate Captain, he toured every ward possible, just as he did at British Columbia Hospital.

He greeted the children by shaking their hands, playing with them, and conversing with them. He also handed the youngsters pirate coins as a keepsake.

Even the pandemic was unable to stop him from doing his good deeds.

Depp conducted a digital tour of the Queensland Hospital for Children, allowing them to meet him on display.

“It’s a fantastic place. I’m always by your side, and I wish you all a quick recovery, as well as all of my irreverence and stupidity, because it’s enjoyable to be both. Thanks for bearing with my weird behaviour for all these years,”” Depp said during the video conference.

His visits aren’t only confined to institutions like hospitals.

Supporters of the star and his role were surprised when they rode the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland.

Depp stunned the participants by performing in one of the ride’s locations. Visitors and supporters alike were ecstatic, with several claiming that seeing Depp in person made their lives perfect.

Whether you like him or not, you can’t deny that he is one of the best. But he can be a pretty chill in certain situations.

Watch the highlights during a trip to a hospital; Depp flaunted everybody’s favorite character.

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