‘Dallas’ star Patrick Duffy was getting worse and worse since his wife passed away


You just don’t recognize him anymore! Since his wife died he’s looking worse and worse. Once a great man with millions of fans, now the great actor is just a shadow.

The TV show Dallas, broadcasted on CBS from 1978 to 1991, is still considered a classic. It focused on the Ewing family’s dramatic life, filled with betrayal, desire, and greed.

Despite its overall success, there was one specific episode that captivated the interest of millions of viewers. “Who Shot JR.?” was viewed by 80 million Americans, making it the second-highest rated episode to this day. The global viewership was even more impressive, with over 300 million people from 57 countries outside of the U.S. reported to have watched the show.

Dallas owes much of its success to the talented actors who brought the characters to life. One such actor is Patrick Duffy, who portrayed Bobby Ewing, the kind-hearted younger son of Miss Ellie and the brother of J.R. Ewing. Without these incredible actors, Dallas wouldn’t be the same.

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Duffy was born March 17, 1949 in Townsend, Montana, to parents who owned a bar.

Duffy had dreams of becoming an architect when he was young, but his drama teacher persuaded him to pursue acting instead. What’s amazing is that he followed her suggestion and his life transformed completely. “She wrote a recommendation letter for me, and I was accepted into a special program. Since then, I’ve identified myself as an actor.”

Being admitted to the University of Washington for drama was a big deal. Out of 1200 auditioning for second-year enrollment, only 12 were accepted, including Duffy.

In the beginning of his acting journey, he served as an Artist-in-Residence and collaborated with opera and ballet groups. Although this role didn’t make him famous, it did introduce him to the love of his life, ballet dancer Carlyn Rosser.

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When they first met, she was already married, but their deep and genuine affection led her to file for a divorce.

Duffy quickly grew to love the art form and her as well, he told Independent.

She faced a difficult task. She needed to inform her spouse. They had a strong marriage. It wasn’t a negative relationship. He was and still is a kind man.

He was betrayed by her, and although he let her go amicably, he was still hurt. Thinking about it breaks his heart, but not enough to make him change anything.

They married in 1974 and welcomed two sons.

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Duffy’s part in Dallas coincided with the conclusion of his sci-fi series Man from Atlantis. He mentioned that he was given the script and offered the role without any audition.

Duffy acted alongside Victoria Principal, who played his on-screen wife Pamela Barnes, in the series.

Duffy’s wife became emotional while watching the show where the two were supposed to film intimate scenes.

During an interview with Independent, Duffy remembered the moment when he saw his wife crying and asked her what was wrong.

“You’ve watched me act out these scenes with Victoria in the past.’ She mentioned: ‘I noticed an expression on your face that I believed was only for me.’ It was devastating. I was likely pondering: ‘What should I have for lunch?'”

His character was written off the show after eight seasons because his contract ended and he wanted to explore new opportunities.

Duffy explained to Huffington Post that he departed because his contract for the ensemble show was for seven years, and he wanted to pursue a single, starring venue at the peak of the show’s popularity.

I quit the show, but it was a mistake. I returned because they wanted me back, and I realized it was the right place for me to be, with my closest friend.

Throughout his life, Duffy experienced great sorrow. His parents were tragically killed in 1986, and then in 2017, his beloved partner passed away unexpectedly. Duffy was overwhelmed with sadness and thought he would never be able to love another woman. He and Rosser had been a couple for 43 years.

Duffy shared with Closer Weekly that her passing was unexpected. It was a big change for him. His sons were there for support, but he also noticed that he may have adapted to the situation better than they have. As you get older, you understand that there is less time ahead of you than behind you.

He mentioned that there are no mistakes in life. He can fix every problem he’s caused and turn every experience into something valuable with time. He has worked hard to make the most out of life, and it has treated him well.

Duffy went to the debut of the movie Warning Shot in a theater in Beverly Hills, California. People were shocked by his appearance because he looked very different from before. Many thought he looked much older.

His unexpected appearance left fans astonished. He graciously signed autographs and wore a constant smile, demonstrating that his charming personality remains unchanged over time.

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Today, however, four years after the loss, Duffy is in a relationship with actress Linda Purl.

After finding themselves in a group chat with their colleagues during the pandemic, they decided to give it a shot. The journey began from there.

Duffy shared with Closer Weekly about their relationship, saying, “We’ve bypassed all the challenges and mistakes that occur in younger relationships. It’s all about positivity and beauty.” Purl, who had been married four times before, mentioned, “Life is unpredictable, with both good and bad surprises,” she stated. “Patrick and I weren’t actively seeking this. We didn’t anticipate or foresee it when our paths crossed. Never lose hope.”

We are thrilled that Patrick Duffy has found love once more. We hope he experiences all the joys life has to offer.

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