You have to change your partner every five years: psychologists say


In life, one of the main engines for human beings to work or be in the same sync as another is through a connection, that bond you make with another person to develop a relationship. It can be sentimental or not.

However, over time, love has become a topic of conversation that has always captivated us through love stories, movies, books and television, as well as what we can see on the web in Real life.

What we understand by love is a particular idea that has evolved over the years and with the same thoughts of society, although it is unlikely to achieve “they lived happily ever after.”

It is important to say that romance and love are two different things and can develop at different stages of life. Before, it was thought that love meant possession, but now we can see more accessible and less harmful relationships, although there are exceptions.

That is why psychology, or rather experts in the field, have been in charge of studying love from a “scientific” perspective. In their discoveries, they concluded that to maintain happiness in relationships, it is necessary to change partners every five years.

Speaking of statistics, only 50% of couples stay together for more than ten years, and only a third declare themselves happy. Although weddings cause celebration, the number of divorces on the rise is alarming.

Rafael Santandreau, a Spanish psychologist, concluded that lasting relationships are maintained thanks to jealousy and dependency, dangerous actions if they are not controlled and go to the extreme.

The expert also said that the secret is to make a change partner after five years of being together, which is when you probably realize that there is not much of a future anymore, you do not feel good with the other person, or you want to end up.

According to Spanish, humans are not programmed to have a partner for life. Although this is not yet proven, the investigation is still ongoing. However, it is impossible to say that love does not exist when there are thousands of cases of people who prove the opposite.

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