IT IS UNQUESTIONABLY proven that the bond between a mother and her daughter cannot be replaced by any other bond in the world. Mother becomes the role model who moldsher children, especially daughters. The ability of standing as a strong woman is inbornin the daughters of strong women. This behavioral transmission can be explained as follows because mother is the first teacher of every child who lays basic life foundation to her children.

A strong mother teaches her daughter how to flourish on herself as a strong woman. As she gives the guidance to the daughter, the daughter knows that her happiness depends merely on herself but not anyone else. She does not need anybody to make her happy.

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The way a strong mother raises her daughter, makes her an independent woman who is able to handle everything alone. Even without the need of teaching, a strong mother unintentionally provides guidance to her daughter to be strong and just by looking at the mother, the child learns things gradually; how to stand up for herself, how to defend herself and confront people when needed, how to take care of herself and how to survive in this world.

Being the best example, a strong mother makes the daughter feel her worth, while making her understand the value of herself too. She teaches the daughter how to understand the value of relationships with people and how to avoid toxic relationships, where she understands and differentiate between the good and bad people; which leads her to realize whom she should allow in her life and whom she should remove from life. To live a respectful life and to maintain the value and confidence throughout the life is taught by the strong mother but no on else. A strong mother teaches her daughter well how to value herself and how to protect herself from others who try to put her down. Standing up for herself and keeping strong while helping and being with others who needs help is very well taught by the mother.

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A woman being strong does not mean that she does not cry or feel bad, but crying and being emotional is perfectly fine to be a real human. Because life brings us hard times and it is important for us how to learn how to face these hard times. Facing difficulties and moving forward while being stronger than earlier is another moral taught by a strong mother. Dwelling upon the past, worrying and losing the future is not a practice of the strong women. They are well understandable of the changes in life, people and circumstances so that they know how to move forward with courage.  Thus, strong mothers teach their daughters to be emotional; meanwhile they teach them how to make wise decisions in life using their wisdom and knowledge.  A strong mother does not hesitate to educate their daughters well and make them perfect to stand strong as confident women in front of the society.

Focusing on the future and determined to achieve the life goals no matter what flaws life brings is a very good quality of a strong daughter which is in her blood. A strong mother is the first teacher to teach her daughter, that giving up is not an option in the life, especially giving up on own self. Standing up again and again whenever she falls down and picking herself to try again during fails in life is a valuable lesson taught by a strong mother to her daughter.

The strong mother makes sure the daughter’s standards are set high where she never allows anyone to takes her for granted or anyone take the advantage of her daughter.  She knows that sometimes life takes time to recover from things and she does not rush for things but respects the time taken to bring back the strong lady who overcomes any trouble in life during such circumstances.

A girl brought up by a strong mother constantly reminds herself how strong she is. She always chooses to be happy and strong because she knows that, as a shadow her mother is there for herself who gave her the everything, as it is carved in her soul. So, she never becomes weak because the words “you are a strong lady” is been instilled in her by her mother. The strong mother is her inspiration, her motivation her strength and her role model, where all these makes the daughter stronger and stronger when she grows up.

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