Wonderful crows paying gratitude by bringing gifts to the eight year old girl who has been feeding them for four years.


Being kind to others is a god gifted quality which is not found in all humans very often. Kind people do not seek that quality from others in return but as we all know good deeds come back to you some day or the other as it is the Universal law. Usually children love animals and of course most of them make very good friends with them.

A rare story about a little girl and her crow friends  from Seattle, Washington amazed the whole world. The girl named Gabi Mann loves animals and adore all types of creatures. She has been feeding a flock of crows for a long time which counts to four years continuously.

Time flew with the birds who vist the girl to get them fed and the girl could made very good friends with the crows. With the built friendship, the crows began to bring little gifts to the little girl.

Gabi used to keep all these precious gifts in a storage box with labeled bags to keep these lovely memries without being forgotten. She did not forget to keep records of the things in detail ; for instance, she  labeled a gift of a broken bulb as” Black table by feeder.2.30 p.m. 09 Nov 2014.”

Among all herr various gifts such as buttons, pieces of foam, beads, Lego pieces and paper clips, her favourite gift is a heart of which has the same colour as a pearl.

All these memorable gifts made Gabi feel loved by these amazing crows. Of course they love her. They might have believed that Gabi is their super mom who fed them for a lone time. She accidentally started feeding the crows in 2011, when she was only four years old with her habit of dropping food on the floor.

Crows started approaching her to check whether she has food dropped on the floor which they could eat.

As she grew older she realizes the crows are followkng her for food and she understood they are hungry. So she started feeding them on her way to the bus stop and after few days, the crows started waiting for her at the bus stop. They used to get all of her and her brother’s lunch.

Soon, crows started approaching her to check if she has dropped something they could eat.

Gabi’ s whole family began to love this habit if feeding crows and they began to love the crwos as much as Gabi did. So, since 2013 Gabi and her mother have been feeding the birds on daily basis. They gave them peanut and dog food and created birdbath bowls with fresh and clean water everyday in their backyard. As they are preparing birds’ food and birdbath, the birds crowded on telephone lines and made loud noices calling them with happiness.

Gradually, over time crows started leaving little gifts behind;

screws, buttons, polished rocks are some of them while some are truly valuable for her like a piece of metal with a carving with ” best” on it. Gabi believed that other crow friend will bring her another metal with the word “friend” stamped on it.

Prof. John Marzluff who is an expert in wildlife science in the university of Washington, stated that ‘ developing a bind with a crow is possible, but one needs to be consistent in rewarding them. Meanwhile he also mentioned that he has seen crows giving gifts to other people, but those gifts are not pretty and shiny, rather some ugly gifts as rotten food. Gabi also has received a gift of rotting cran claw since crows do not find these ugly for them.

An amazing thing has happened to Gabi’ s mom, Lisa ,her favourite gift from crows ; her camera lens cap which she has lost in an alley closer to their house.

While she was checking the birds’ camm she noticed that crows bringing it back into her yard. She states ” You can see it bringing it into theyard. Walks it to the birdbath and actually spends time rinsing the cap. I am sure that it was intentional. They watch us all the time . I am sure they knew I dropped it . I am pretty sure they decided to return it to me. “

Lisa also added that her daughter loved seeing the birds eat and she even gave the crows nick names and she could identify them just by looking at the crow. That much the girl is familiar with the flock of crows who visited her everyday.

According to a non profit organization that protects birds, The National Audubon Society, crows are amazingly smart birds which are social, smart and playful too. Also they are one of the few bird species that has been documented to have individual facial recognition. The society has also mentioned that “Considering all these factors combined, there is no doubt to believe that they have developed a very interactive and a social relationship with this family. “

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