Woman tries grandmother’s 1950s honeymoon wardrobe and people can’t believe how good it is


Having a classic sense of style ensures your clothes will remain fashionable for years to come.

This grandma preserved her wedding clothes perfectly, and her granddaughter wore them with equal style after 70 years!

Maddy Bill, who lives in Ambler, Pennsylvania, is 27 years old. She made a TikTok video to showcase the bag her 91-year-old maternal grandmother, Marie D’Alessandro Donato, had gifted her.

The things inside the suitcase are very interesting. It has all the dresses that her grandma wore when she went to New York in 1952 for her honeymoon. As per the video, this is the initial time in seventy years that someone else has opened the luggage!

To ensure her children and grandchildren could cherish it, her grandmother, who had gone on her honeymoon with her late husband Anthony James Donato, washed all of her clothes. And it worked! Even after 70 years, thousands of people still admire her contributions on the internet.

“I’ve been aware of this suitcase since I was a young child. My mother found it when she was older and she shared the story with me. She kept it safe for me and my sister until we were old enough,” mentioned during an interview.

She exclaimed, “When I saw it, I thought, ‘This is amazing!’ It reminded me of so many memories, especially of my grandfather who passed away 21 years ago. It brought back memories of my grandparents during that time in their lives. It’s really special.”

In 1952, the Donatos, her grandparents, got married and went on their honeymoon in New York City. They visited various places in Manhattan, including The New Yorker Hotel.

Bill shared that his grandmother referred to his grandfather as “honey” and had a great time being with him. She cherished the moment of being together, dreaming of starting a family and achieving her lifelong goals.

In 1952, her grandparents, the Donatos, tied the knot and traveled to New York City for their honeymoon in May, where they visited various places in Manhattan including The New Yorker Hotel.

After sharing a video featuring only her luggage, she received numerous responses. People encouraged her to try on the gowns, and she decided to do so. She tried on her grandmother’s gowns along with her jewelry.

She sorted everything effectively. She also mentioned the excellent condition of the clothing.

Madeline mentioned how impressive it is that some items have remained in good condition for 70 years, with elastic still intact and springy.

She showcased her initial creation to her fans, a garment that has fascinated her since childhood. The black dress with short sleeves and a cinched waist. She shared that during her stay at the New Yorker hotel, she often saw a photo of her grandmother wearing the same outfit, which always caught her eye.

She also tested out a stylish gray jacket, skirt, and sleeveless top that she said her grandmother had worn on the train to the big city. She definitely has great style!

She is thrilled to showcase a side of her grandmother to the world and reveal the type of woman she truly is.

Madeline Bill mentioned to her grandma that she is now famous and admired globally for her style.

She expressed her desire to keep it for someone special, like a future child or a younger loved one. She wanted it to be cherished by someone in the future, just like her grandmother did for her.

Such a delightful story that showcases the special bond between a grandma and her granddaughter!

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