Woman saves abandoned chick from smashed egg – 1 yr later, her transformation shocks everyone


In the summer of 2014, while Susan Hickman was taking a stroll, her attention was suddenly drawn to something peculiar. Lying on the ground was a cracked eggshell that had captured her gaze.

Susan was about to continue walking, but then she had a sudden change of heart and decided to pause to check if there was anything inside.

Much to her astonishment, it was there!

Susan discovered a tiny baby bird when she peered inside. It was completely featherless and had its eyes tightly shut.

Susan glanced around, hoping to spot a nest close by, but unfortunately came up empty-handed.

Susan was aware that the chick wouldn’t make it on its own, so she made the choice to attempt to rescue it.

It’s no walk in the park to take care of a baby bird. Susan had to feed the little one every 20-30 minutes from sunrise to sunset for the first two weeks.

Susan was determined to not give up, despite the exhausting process. She had a special connection with the chick and made sure he received the necessary nutrition using a small medicine dropper.

The bird proved to be quite a tough cookie, and somehow made it through the initial day…

The following day, as well..

Susan quickly decided to call him Klinger.

He opened his eyes.

He got feathers…

and in the end, he transformed into a majestic, towering bird.

Talk about a transformation!

Klinger became a vital member of the family while he was recuperating.

Susan’s life was filled with joy thanks to the love and care he received.

Susan, a genuine animal enthusiast, chose to set Klinger free in the wild once he had grown big enough.

She soon came to the conclusion that Klinger had become accustomed to domestic life. He was clearly not equipped to fend for himself in the wilderness and would struggle to survive independently.

Susan made up her mind that Klinger absolutely had to stick around with her.

Klinger doesn’t appear to be bothered at all.

Discover more about Susan and Klinger’s journey in this video.

It’s amazing how Susan found Klinger and rescued him! Let me know if this heartwarming story touched you as well!

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