Woman Captured Stray Cats Occupying The Circle Marks Near The Market.


Cats in Quezon City, Philippines, surprised everyone by following social distancing guidelines during the coronavirus quarantine. They were found sitting inside the circles marked on the pavement at a market area. This goes to show that cats can be quite obedient, even though we usually think of them as rebellious creatures.

To prevent the spread of Covid-19 and ensure people stay at least one meter apart, white circles have been painted on the ground. Photos of the cats behaving responsibly and staying inside these circles gained attention from online users. Many praised the cats for their apparent training and contrasted their behavior with some individuals who may think they are immune to the pandemic.

Coleen, a resident of Quezon City, shared pictures on her Facebook page, showcasing the cats’ fondness for circle markers. As these adorable images spread across social media, people from all over the world became aware of the cats’ amusing behavior. The pictures gained immense popularity and were even covered by news outlets.

Coleen noticed that the cats stayed inside the circles for about 10 minutes when she first saw them. She thought they looked really cute, so she decided to take some pictures of them. Coleen, the photographer, mentioned that the cats were roaming around the public market where her vegetable store is located when she took the pictures on May 10. She added that she had never seen cats sitting inside circles before.

Coleen didn’t expect her pictures to become so popular. She shared them on social media simply because she thought they were cute and wanted to share something nice. She mentioned that when she took the pictures, her city was under an Extended Community Quarantine (ECQ), which means there were stricter rules in place. However, she added that now they have implemented an even more strict quarantine called Extreme ECQ, and everyone in her area is following the rules.

She also told the local media, “I was very excited and took pictures of them.” She explained that these cats are stray animals that often come to the same place looking for food. While it may seem like the cats are teasing us by following quarantine rules, the truth is that cats actually enjoy being inside squares and circles. It’s an instinct that helps them survive.

In the wild, cats will find refuge inside a hollowed-out tree stump to protect themselves from predators. They also use this stump as a hiding spot to surprise their prey, as part of their natural hunting instincts. She explained that sitting inside a circle gives cats a feeling of security and safety. In their minds, it increases their chances of survival.

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