Will students benefit from home economics, or is it a waste of time?


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Home economics was once the primary subject of a woman’s education. Young girls learned all they required to run a household autonomously in the twentieth century, including how to wash clothes, cook, embroider, and care for the ill.

This follows a typical young lady (who traditionally was expected to marry) who would be prepared to raise her own kids. Though, the process made her stand potent; as a skilled and essential character in the family.

These concepts were clearly significant in everyday life.

Yet, boys, on the other hand, were never forced to take these classes.

Things have changed over time. It is more common for women and men to take care of their homes and families.

Unfortunately, home economics programs are declining, and fewer schools provide opportunities for girls and boys to acquire the fundamentals of parenthood.

If you have ever messed up trying to cook, you may get the importance of home economics brutally. The subject must be reintroduced in schools since only math and history cannot do it for a living.

In fact, the scenario especially comes into play in today’s hectic environment. When parents work overtime, many high schoolers return home after school to a vacant house. They must prepare meals for themselves and perform basic household tasks such as laundry and washing all alone.

But, do you know how many students are taught how to accomplish those tasks?

Other than getting self-sufficient, this would make kids enjoy much independence.

According to a recent survey, 62.7 per cent of the 3.1 million high school graduates in the United States in 2020 were enrolled in college that year. Most students who have moved away from home and into a dorm room are learning to depend on themselves for the first time.

In such a condition, they must have been taught about the basics of living. For example, preparing a nutritious meal, doing their laundry, and hygienic living are most likely needs for existence.

Home economics may have been criticized for being sexist, but that was before. Everyone knows there are many things wrong then.

Women’s societal standards at home and at work have swiftly altered. Nowadays, it’s widely understood that women aren’t bound to a lifetime of cooking, cleaning, and childrearing unless they want to be.

So there wouldn’t be a better solution than teaching the subject to both men and women.

Also, other than cooking, washing, and providing first aid, it may also have additional benefits.

Consider how helpful home economics could be if it could teach us how to repair a tire, pay taxes, or replace a lightbulb. Many of us, even as adults, don’t know how to accomplish these tasks and may never learn.

It would be much better if a specific learning area was introduced for the process. Although it is a surprise that the typical fashion of prioritizing subjects of less benefit to our future is still attending.

Of course, if all else fails, children may learn a great deal from their parents.

Taking the time to educate children on essential life skills can help them confidently move to adulthood. It won’t be a waste of time to all extents.

So, What are your thoughts? Could home economics be taught in schools, or are youngsters missing out on an essential element of their education? Please let us know in case. Feel free to comment!

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