“Wild Encounter: Trail Camera Captures Heart-Stopping Moment Grizzly Bear Hunts Down Wild Horses”


A camera on a trail recorded a video of a very angry grizzly bear chasing a group of wild horses with great force.

Trail cameras placed by the Help Alberta Wildies Society in the Canadian Rocky Mountains recorded a fast chase on June 16.

In the video, you can see a group of wild horses running quickly across a creek. Just a few moments later, a powerful grizzly bear starts chasing them. The horses are running as fast as they can to escape the bear, fearing for their lives.

The goal of the Help Alberta Wildies Society is to rescue and safeguard the wild horses with special Spanish bloodlines that roam freely in the eastern areas of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta. They work to protect and preserve these horses.

The video begins with a group of wild horses running and galloping past the trail camera during the early morning hours. Their hooves make a thunderous sound as they pass by.

Shortly after, the camera captures a grizzly bear in hot pursuit of the herd. Despite its large size, the bear runs astonishingly close to the wild horses, matching their speed and trailing just a few seconds behind them. It’s a nerve-wracking scene to witness.

‘We Can’t Say What Happened to The Horses’

According to the Help Alberta Wildies Society, they are uncertain about the fate of the entire group of wild horses after the chase.

The organization was unable to verify whether the animals successfully escaped or not, but they expressed particular concern for the safety of the foals, as they were likely the main target of the grizzly bear.

In the video, it is mentioned that there isn’t another camera available to confirm the fate of any wild horses that may not have survived. However, the organization expressed heightened concern for the foals, as they were the likely target of the bear’s pursuit.

The Help Alberta Wildies Society wrote a caption accompanying the video stating, “Today, while we were setting up cameras, we discovered fresh bear tracks at the bridge. We then reviewed the SD card footage and found what had occurred earlier this morning.”

Around 4 minutes later, the grizzly bear’s companion can be seen crossing the area.

Today, we saw around 80 horses, and we were happy to see that most of the baby horses we were expecting were also there. However, we don’t know what happened to this group of horses because of the chase.

In another video clip recorded by a different trail camera set up by the Help Alberta Wildies Society, the grizzly bear is seen charging after the group of wild horses from a different perspective.

The Help Alberta Wildies Society explains that a grizzly bear can maintain a running speed of 25-28 mph for up to 2 miles. They mention that they will have to wait until their next camera check to find out if the entire group of horses survived the chase.

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