I came home and found my humiliated wife crying behind a closed door


Why the man evicted his sister and nieces is in the link in the comments.

A man posted on the Reddit “AITA” forum to seek opinions on whether he made a mistake by evicting his sister and her twin daughters from his house.

Specifically, his sister divorced her husband and moved in with the OP, along with her two 16-year-old daughters, while his wife was battling cancer and undergoing chemo treatments. Despite their own struggles, they welcomed his sister and nieces into their home.

The OP’s wife felt vulnerable after losing her hair from treatments. To boost her confidence, she chose to wear a wig. Her husband was very supportive and did everything he could to make her feel beautiful once more.

The two teenage nieces were curious about the wig and wanted to touch and play with it. They even asked their uncle’s wife if they could have it to style it differently, but she refused. OP’s wife didn’t want to appear without hair and didn’t take the wig in front of her husband’s sister and nieces.

When OP returned home one day, he heard his wife crying. She had locked herself in her room and didn’t want to come out. He begged her to tell him what was wrong, and she told him that his nieces had taken her wig without asking and wouldn’t give it back. When she confronted them about it, they laughed at her and recorded it.

After discovering she was being recorded, she went into the bedroom and refused to come out.

She was crushed because of the teenagers’ behavior.

Upon hearing this, OP quickly made his way to the kitchen where his sister and nieces were. He confronted them about the situation. The girls handed him the wig and explained that they were just trying to have some fun and it was all part of a prank.

He was angry and requested his sister to address their disrespectful behavior, but she simply dismissed it as unimportant and claimed that he and his wife were overreacting. This only fueled his anger even more.

At that moment, although he knew they had nowhere else to go, he decided to kick them from his home.

He was welcoming and nice, and they tortured his wife as a result.

The man mentioned that he informed them about the eviction later on because they didn’t take him seriously. They started crying and pleaded with him to forgive them, but he refused to accept any of their excuses.

She then involved their father who also tried to convince his son not to kick his sister out of the house.

The man questioned whether he overreacted, as his sister thought, or if he made the correct decision by defending his ill wife.

Redditors expressed their viewpoints. Aunty_Fascist mentioned, “NTA. At 16, they should be aware of their actions and the consequences they bring. The girls are to blame for disrespecting the wife.”

Another user chimed in, saying that if their son pulled a stunt like that at 16, they would throw his phone in the toilet, hide the car keys, and keep him grounded until he turns 25.

laulau88foo questioned how the girls would react if someone shaved their heads and began recording and laughing. They believed that the girls were impolite, while acknowledging that the man was generous for allowing them to stay at his house.

How do you feel about this?

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