Coach goes viral online for this one act during kids’ basketball game


Teachers are highly important members of our community, but unfortunately, they are often undervalued.

Teaching, inspiring, advising, and guiding future generations requires a special individual.

Teachers often go the extra mile for others, particularly for the children they look after.

Jonathan Oliver, a physical education instructor at WG Nunn Elementary in Valdosta, Georgia, is an exemplary hero.

Oliver was acknowledged for his considerate act towards a young child during a basketball match that he was overseeing.

He was extremely happy to help one of his students when she asked for his help.

The coach sprang into action after Kristen Paulk, a kindergartener on Oliver’s basketball team, asked for his help in tying her hair into a ponytail.

Oliver seemed concentrated while trying to pull back Kristen’s hair, kneeling on a basketball to reach her height. Little did he know he was being filmed.

Kandice Anderson, an elementary school teacher, actually recorded the coach’s kind gesture and shared it on YouTube. The video received enthusiastic praise from the public.

The viral video was titled:“When your job goes beyond teaching!”

After watching the video, Good Morning America contacted the 34-year-old dad of three and arranged an interview.

Oliver from Good Morning America was surprised by the attention the video received, mentioning that everyone does it and he didn’t know he was being recorded.

He added that we, as teachers, aim to create a homely atmosphere for them and ensure they have a pleasant experience here. We make every effort to show them love and care. Personally, it was just a simple ponytail.

The coach often helps his daughter with her hair, but he only knows how to put a ponytail in during a basketball game.

He joked that it was fortunate she requested a ponytail. For anything else, he would advise her to ask her mom.

Kristen’s mom, Miyah Cleckley, told the outlet that the video really touched her, saying: “I always know that Kristen is in very good hands with him. I thought it was really cute because her father he does their hair a lot. We have five girls and one son so when I’m working he has to pick up the weight of doing their hair.”

This story is just one of many stories about teacher’s going above and beyond for their students. They truly are heroes!

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