When nature is sad, she takes the rainbow and paints the mountains


It looks like these rainbow mountains from a favorite children’s fairy tale were created by a kind wizard. Bright and amazing, they just can’t be real.

Sometimes it is hard for us to believe that there are such amazing places in the world. But rest assured, nature can create masterpieces. And here is the evidence.

Landmannalaugar Park, Iceland

The area of ​​the park is located in the southern part of Iceland, at the foot of the Hekla volcano. The frozen lava and rocks formed hypnotic and bright canvases, which can be observed from July to September.

Pink, brown, green, yellow, blue, purple, black and white color — nature has not spared its brightest colors for these mountains.

Mountain fields, Quebrada de Umauca, Argentina

These mountains are part of a series of limestone deposits that extend across Bolivia from Peru to Salta. Northwest Argentina’s Ornocal peaks have radically changing hues depending on the time of day. Another pearl of Argentina that deserves attention is the mountain of seven colors.

Complex geological deposits have created a rich palette of colors that blend subtly into each other. It is best to appreciate the variety of colors in the morning.

Mount Vernicunca in Peru

Mount Vinicunca is part of the Ornocal mountain range that stretches from Peru to Bolivia. This colorful massif is quite a hidden place and few people know about it.

The colorful canyon in Egypt

This unusual canyon of multi-layered sandstone interspersed with color, cobalt, copper and ancient coral is located in the southeast of the Sinai Peninsula. On the walls of the canyon is the “Eye of Egypt”. A reminder of the ancient sea beneath which the rocks hid.

Red, pink, yellow, gray, purple and white colors change with each other and create a beautiful image on the stone.

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