Jamie Farr, a.k.a the cross-dressing Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger in “MAS*H,” and his wife, Joy, are marking an incredible 60 years of marriage!


Jamie Farr, a famous actor from Hollywood, has been married to Jo Ann Richards for nearly six decades. Surprisingly, when he asked her to marry him, he did not have a ring to offer.

Getting married or proposing without a ring may appear unusual, but it is definitely achievable. Jamie Farr, a well-known actor, and his partner Jo Ann Richards serve as a real-life example of this.

Farr didn’t ask his woman to marry him with a ring, not because he lacked chivalry, but because he couldn’t afford one. Fortunately, their marriage lasted a lifetime and beyond.


Farr faced numerous challenges at the start of his career, experiencing extreme lows as he struggled to secure acting opportunities. His desperation grew to such an extent that he was willing to accept meager payments for gigs.

Farr did not think of luxury; he just wanted to put some food in his fridge while getting by each day with his then-lover Jo Ann Richards. The actor once shared that he got so desperate for employment that he did something out of character.

Farr visited the studio of the late Danby Thomas and waited until he caught someone’s attention. Fortunately, Thomas’s team was preoccupied with a new show, “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” allowing Farr to land a role.

Jamie Farr attends the 4th annual Roger Neal Oscar Viewing Dinner Icon Awards and after party at Hollywood Palladium on February 24, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images

He believed his career was starting to improve. He introduced Richards to Van Dyke, and they discovered they both grew up in the same small town.

Farr made brief appearances in four episodes of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” before being written out of the series. His time on the show was short-lived due to another actor having connections to more influential individuals.


Farr went back to square one after losing a role on Van Dyke’s TV show, attempting to land a part in “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” Eventually, he received a response, but the filmmakers were looking for a dramatic actor, while Farr was known for his comedic skills.

Farr was left waiting after proving he could handle a serious role, as the filmmakers were preoccupied with casting decisions. During this time, Farr revealed in an interview that he had a remarkable experience.

Richards used to get a ride to work from him regularly, and Farr remembered a time when he mentioned praying to St. Jude in order to secure a movie role. After that, he started making a stop at a nearby Catholic church close to where Richards worked.

He lit a candle, tossed in a coin, and prayed to St. Jude. This routine continued for some time until one day he received the call he had been anticipating. Unfortunately, it turned out to be quite disappointing.

Jamie Farr and wife Joy Ann Richards attend Creative Arts in Television Awards on September 8, 1979 | Photo: Getty Images

The actor from “MAS*H” missed out on the acting opportunity. He got upset and decided to drive to the Catholic church to confront St. Jude. When he returned home, the actor received a call from the movie producer.

Farr received news that there had been a change, and he was given a new role. He quickly prepared for his upcoming job. Shortly after, Farr was informed that he had been assigned another role, this time to portray St. Jude.

They became husband and wife after he landed the role in “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” He remembered their wedding ceremony taking place at an orthodox church, with all the actors who portrayed the apostles, Jesus, and Mary the Mother of God in attendance.

The minister who was officiating Farr’s wedding felt extremely overwhelmed by their resemblance and began trembling.

The man questioned the priest about his nervousness. The priest then gestured towards actor Max Von Sydow, who portrayed Jesus, and humorously remarked, “This is my first time performing in front of the boss.”

Just in time, Farr started to receive more acknowledgment, and as he gained popularity, he was amazed by his progress. The actor didn’t care about his growing reputation because he frequently thought back to the challenging times he had endured.

During this time of enduring hardship, Farr found solace in the companionship of his devoted spouse. Instead of proposing with a ring, he made a heartfelt promise to gift her one when their circumstances improved.

He spent 13 years to finally keep his promise. The actor remembered the significant day when he took his family, including his wife and children, to their beloved restaurant. On that day, he gave a 1.5-carat emerald ring to his emotional beloved, fulfilling her heartfelt desire.

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