When a woman tells a dog that he has been adopted, the dog’s hilarious response garners 10 million views.


Husky starts to argue with his owner and vehemently denies being adopted.

Although some of our dogs won’t accept that we technically adopted them, others do.

Hearing that harsh reality seems to hit them hard, leaving them in complete disbelief.

Just observe the amusing husky’s a shocked expression when informed that he is adopted.

Meet this fantastic and hilarious huskamute.

K’eyush, also known as Key, is a husky/malamute cross that has gained much popularity online.

His YouTube channel, which documents his silly exploits and his owner Jodie Boo, a gifted artist who creates custom paintings for cards, mugs, tote bags, and shirts, has 1.78 million subscribers as of right now.

Key has been Jodie’s sidekick for almost as long as she can remember, and the two of them have a relationship that is so close you’d think they were mother and son.

You’ve been adopted!

The internet has been flooded with videos of pets being informed by their owners that they have been adopted.

Hearing those words brings out the most distinctive response in every animal.

Some dogs cry while others droop their jaws in dismay.

While that is true, some animals act as if they don’t give a damn and disrespectfully move on to find a new place to lie down.

Even though they cannot comprehend these words, their reactions are amusing and hilarious.

As a result, more people try to do this to their pets and post pictures of their sincere reactions online.

Jodie chose to tell Key the news one day.

One fine afternoon, the key peacefully relaxed in his own bed when Jodie came over.

Key responded gently with his husky voice when Jodie called his name.

Key looked at her with a face painted with nervousness and anxiety when he said, “I got some shocking news for you,” as if he knew it would be bad news for him.

When Key said, “You’re adopted,” the husky bolted upright and howled in shock and disbelief in front of Key.

The husky argued with his owner and refused to acknowledge those words.

Key barked angrily at Jodie, seemingly unable to accept the harsh reality that he had been adopted.

He persisted in making disobedient noise and sparring with Jodie whenever he had the chance.

He eventually became calm and collapsed onto his bed, accepting the tragic reality.

To make amends, Jodie provided Key with a DNA test that evaluates the numerous dog breeds in his blood.

Key only peered into the horizon, still stunned by the initial news. At the end of the video, they both discovered how much husky and malamute Key is.

This beautiful huskamute enjoys being dramatic.

Key’s dramatic reactions after being told he’s adopted sell.

With his charisma and acting abilities, he might efficiently work as a canine actor in Hollywood.

Furthermore, his very vocal conversations are so amusing that it appears Key is indeed uttering human words.

This had to be why Key had so many followers worldwide eagerly awaiting new footage of him doing paw-some tricks or simply chatting with Jodie.

This obstinate husky is undeniably lovable, and he deserves all of the love and attention he receives from the internet and his adoring owner, Jodie.

Check out their amusing encounter in the video below!

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