When a mother defends her son for beating up the boy who had been “torturing” him for years, she starts a debate.


“As a parent, I am aware And here I am meant to be angry at him for getting violent or getting suspended, but I’m not. Not even a little.”

Bullies have no place in society, but they show up everywhere like roaches. We’re always told that bullies have a reason for being mean. That they might have had their own bad experiences or that they are insecure.

But I think most of us agree that there’s usually no real reason why people bully others. Some people just stink, and that’s it.

Drew, Allison Davis’s son, had to deal with someone picking on him. She defended his actions in an online forum.

This boy made Drew’s life in school a living hell. We all know what happened but still, listen to Drew’s story.

Drew and his friends were frequently intimidated by the kid, which made Allison very worried.

Even though threats were reason enough to act, the school didn’t agree. Yes, it’s going to be one of those schools.

As much as people like to think that bullies are hurting because of something that happened to them, nothing could be further from the truth. Bullies are just what happens when extreme narcissism is rewarded with a lack of accountability.

More threats came, and the school did nothing more.

Even when Drew’s bully threatened him in other ways, like voicemails and text messages, the school seemed uninterested and uncaring.

How can a kid pay attention in school when he or she is constantly being hurt like this?

Naturally, Allison grew more and more worried about Drew. She also grew more and more upset regarding the school.

Drew was followed by the bully through the corridors, threatened him in their classes together, and made Drew feel as unsafe as possible at school.

It got to the point where Drew stopped talking to the adults at school.

This was probably because of the general trauma and trust issues caused by the school’s lack of interest.

When the school did do something, it was nothing but offending as well as disappointing.

Drew and his bully were forced to sign a contract. contract that says they won’t talk to each other. You don’t need me to tell you that a bully will not quit just because you signed a petition a paper saying they would.

And he didn’t stop, just as we expected.

But bullies can’t keep getting away with it forever. Actions always have effects.

Eventually, they’re going to put down the last straw that’ll break the camel’s back.

Soon enough, that is exactly what happened. The event took place on the bus.

Drew got on the bus, and the bully was close by, as he always was. He now went a step further by threatening Drew’s family as well.

The boy also threatened Drew’s 11-year-old brother and their father. That did it.

Drew had seen or heard enough. This bully had been doing bad things for far too long without being held accountable or facing any consequences.

And if the school didn’t do something, Drew might as well take matters into his own hands.

Drew stood up and punched him. 3 times. Enough to make him cry.

It seems like that was all it took. Since the school is full of hypocrites, they of course He received a 5-day OSS penalty, but at least his main issue was resolved..

But Allison? She supported Drew’s decision and stuck by it.

“I know as a parent I’m supposed to be upset with him for getting violent or getting suspended, but I’m not. Not even a tiny bit.” – Allison said unapologetically

Sometimes, you have to talk to a bully in the only language they understand. We are often told that violence is never the answer, but self-defense laws are there for a reason.

When you’re being threatened and hurt on a regular basis, there’s nothing wrong with standing up for yourself.

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