When a hawk swoops down into a field to get a bunny, a deer comes to save it.


All my life, I’ve lived near deer, but I’ve never seen anything like this. The deer didn’t waste any time.

Even animals that don’t know each other well have ways of looking out for each other. The story we have today is proof of this.

This fantastic scene of a deer saving a rabbit from a hawk attack was caught on camera and has gone viral.

A rescue mission on a different level

In Wisconsin’s Nordic Mountain Country Park, security camera footage shows a mighty hawk swoop down on a rabbit, which then screams out in pain.

Out of nowhere, a brave deer runs at the hawk and kicks it with its hooves, letting the rabbit get away.

Everything happened so quickly.

The deer then hit the bird over and over again for up to three minutes, until it dies.

The deer wasn’t shy at all.

Kris Miller, an operations manager who is 29 years old, found the video on June 11.

When he was cutting down trees and saw a dead red-tailed hawk nearby, he decided to watch the videos from the nearby camera.

He was really interested in what had happened.

Kris said, “The rabbit started to make a distress call, and the deer might have thought it was her own friend making a distress call.”

“Or maybe it’s a true story about Bambi and Thumper.” He also said that he has never seen anything like it before.

He didn’t expect to see the whole thing when he decided to see for himself what happened to the hawk.

He was surprised.

“I know, ‘Hawks don’t just fall out of the sky and die,’ so when I saw we were in front of one of our security cameras, I hoped I could see what really happened,” he said.

“I watched the video on my phone, and what I saw was shocking,” he said. “I showed it to my coworker, and he was speechless.”

It doesn’t happen every day.

Since the place is a county park, hunting isn’t really allowed there. Because of this, many white-tailed deer choose to live in the park, where they feel safe.

The video shows the red-tailed hawk either struggling to hold the rabbit or swooping down to get it, which is why the deer was able to save the rabbit so easily.

The deer didn’t waste any time.

Millions of people watched the video, which spread like wildfire. It has also been passed around a lot. So, the video has also gotten thousands of comments.

“For more than 20 years, deer have been hanging out in our yard, just hanging out. “I’ve never seen a deer act like this in my whole life,” one commenter wrote. “Remarkable to see.”

“If you saw this with your own eyes and tried to tell someone about it, no one would believe you. “It’s unbelievable that this was caught on video,” wrote another.

In fact, I think this is one of the most incredible rescues ever.

See how the deer saved the rabbit in the video below.

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