When a 90-year-old woman meets her newborn great-granddaughter, she is unable to suppress her happiness.


Her expression won my heart! Grandmas are the very best. ❤️

After having a baby, meeting all of your loved ones is one activity that never gets old. It can be difficult for everyone to witness you holding your own child, particularly if these individuals were an important part of your upbringing and had a significant impact on your parenting.

Alyssa Cole Beseris, a TikToker, recently showed her 90-year-old grandmother her newborn baby girl. The entire exchange was later captured on camera and broadcast on TikTok and YouTube, capturing an intense encounter.

She can just emote.

Alyssa’s grandma is speechless when she receives the baby for the first time. She doesn’t know how to convey her emotions; all she can do is hug the baby while gawking in disbelief.

She spends the first few seconds simply gazing at the infant’s adorable face and clutching its tiny feet because she is so enamored with it. Like most people, this mom is totally captivated by the infant. She exhales a few times and scans the space.

When great-grandma nearly wakes the baby up while she is napping, she immediately understands how to soothe her back to sleep.

The need to be a parent seems to never go away! The baby is sound asleep until the older woman attempts to kiss him on the forehead, almost waking him up. Grandma exclaims, “oops!” as she notices that the infant is starting to stir and move around a little. “and places the infant back in her arms in a posture that is more cozy and favorable to sleeping.

Grandma Alyssa spoke bluntly about how she felt about everything.

The sensation of holding a newborn child is fairly unique. Furthermore, this mom is holding her grandchild’s child in her arms. She might not have anticipated going through this. She sums up her emotional outburst in the most endearing way by saying:

I’m up in Heaven. I have passed on and am in heaven.

This great-grandmother, like anyone who has ever been a parent, knew exactly what to be concerned about.

While newborns are cute and wonderful, they also need a lot of care and supervision. Thankfully, this new mom has a fantastic role model. Her great-grandmother will be able to inform her of all the precautions to take and considerations to make as her child matures.

The great-maternal grandmother’s instincts surfaced as soon as she overcame some of her shock at holding the infant. She began to inquire about breastfeeding and the scarcity of formula. When the baby’s feet started to get chilly, she even started warming them up. This young mother will have a wonderful role model in this woman!

Almost everyone who has watched the video has been moved by the great-endearing grandmother’s response.

On TikTok, one commentator wrote:

“OMG, these are the purest human reactions I’ve ever seen! I’m sobbing like a baby! ”

Another user on YouTube wrote:

“Great moment. She is overjoyed. enjoyable to see. awesome video

The new mother had the opportunity to quiz her grandmother about life in the Caters Clips video that was uploaded to YouTube.

On TikTok, viewers started commenting on how young-looking the grandmother was. But even as she described her skincare routine, great-grandma never lost focus on the infant. She would stop what she was doing to reassure her great-grandchild that everything was fine and that she was loved if the baby fussed while she was responding to a question. For the new mother and her child, having a family member like this in their lives is such a blessing.

To see more of her amazed response, watch the complete video below!

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