What will happen if your dog grows up to be a wolf?


If you are an owner of a dog, you must have experienced how much faster they grow up. But there’s something that never matures – Their playfulness and love.

Almost every dog owner tends to consider their pets as puppies despite their change in physical appearance.

That would have been appropriate if you were caring for a Chihuahua, Pomeranian, or Yorkie. Even at their peak, they’d still fit on your lap.

But what if the dog is pretty bigger?

Like a Saint Bernard, Labrador Retriever, or Great Dane? Or maybe a wolf?
Could you still consider them as the small young pup you met?

Anyway, Andrey Musienko still considers his animal partner his puppy.

Black Canadian Wolf is the channel where Musienko documents his wolf’s care.

Wolves are renowned for being scary stalkers who hunt in groups in the forests, particularly in the upper hemisphere such as North America, Siberia, and Northern Europe.

But are they really scary? We are left with the question when observing Akela- Museinko’s wolf friend.

Akela can be seen engaging with Musienko in a lighthearted manner in the selfie video he released.

Musienko, unlike the rest of us, did not flee at the sight of this beast. Akela scented Musienko and softly bit on him. Upon going on his back, he even stepped on his arm. Akela did bite and remove his sweater at one point.

This might be a frightening scenario for some, but for the duo, it’s how things usually happen.

Akela was thought to be a puppy at first.

Little Akela may be seen eating and playing on their Instagram account. He was approximately the size of a typical puppy when he was born, so you wouldn’t anticipate him to develop to his present extent.

And wrestling with a wolf when it wants to play takes your entire body. Yet Musienko is unconcerned. Despite Akela always remaining his puppy.

Gray wolves have branched out into a species known as black wolves. Their dark-colored fur distinguishes them. Gray wolves dominate the remainder of the northern country. Hence black wolves are considerably more prevalent in wooded areas.

Wolf dogs have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, this ownership has sparked a lot of debate.

Although they have far more different personalities than domestic dogs. This may sometimes be called a warning to make a wolf a pet.

Anyways, everyone does search for love.

Yet, Wolves and wolf dogs have more diverse characteristics than other dogs, such as longer fangs and sturdier bodies.

Still, Musienko doesn’t care about any of those. He needs his partner in crime to be well in his eyesight.

To get more involved in the process, he started fundraising to
provide the puppy with better surroundings and habitat.

On his fundraiser page, he has mentioned that the fundraiser was started as a project to build a place for Akela with the natural conditions met – as many of the Akela lovers have requested.

We, too, wish his project to be a success so that Akela could have a better living.

In the video below, you can see how this man interacts with the world’s largest dog.

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