What the bystander observed on the lawn shocked him.


Pedro Bras decided to share the photo of the firefighters from Pedróg Grande, Portugal on Facebook, hoping that it would reach a wider audience.

It is widely acknowledged that being a fireman is a crucial and significant occupation. The image shared by fireman Pedro Bras vividly demonstrates the dedication and seriousness with which these brave individuals carry out their responsibilities.

The region of Portugal that is currently fighting a forest fire is in desperate need of firefighters. A dedicated team of 1,150 firemen is tirelessly working day and night to extinguish the fire and stop it from spreading.

This year, a total of 25 individuals have been injured due to the fire, causing significant damage to various areas. In the previous year, Portugal experienced two devastating fires in June and October, which tragically claimed the lives of 114 people.

The brave firefighters in this picture, despite their exhaustion from their heroic work, persisted in their duties under perilous circumstances.

Pedro shared a picture of a group of firefighters who were eager to unwind and take a break after tirelessly extinguishing a massive fire in Pedróg Grande.

We took a break by the river for fifteen minutes after putting in long hours of work, and we couldn’t help but notice the heavy smoke in the air.

Pedro mentioned that the firefighters decided to take a quick 25-minute break near a river to relax after tirelessly working for a full 24 hours. He mentioned that they took this break at that particular moment. The camera captured the scene, clearly displaying the smoke-filled surroundings.

On August 5, the temperature soared to a record-breaking 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only did 13 planes drop water on the fire, but several more firefighters willingly joined the battle against the wildfire.

AWM states that a total of 160 soldiers were summoned to assist in the evacuation endeavors.

The picture received an impressive 9,000 user responses, 1,300 comments, and was shared over 5,900 times, quickly becoming viral. Many people expressed their astonishment at the firefighters’ incredible efforts.

Manja Knofel stated that every firefighter across the globe is a hero in their unique way. Sweetie Racch, a user from Paris, expressed that they should be given “rest and praise” for the remarkable job they have accomplished.

According to Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa, the firefighters have done everything within their power. Unfortunately, some of them have sustained fatal injuries.

The police were optimistic that the incident from last year would not repeat itself this year.

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