What on Earth is this? Woman discovers creepy ‘snake’ with two heads in her garden


Lujan Eroles, a 46-year-old resident of the peaceful town of Santa Fe in Argentina, was taken aback when she unexpectedly came across a strange creature in her garden. It was a truly astonishing and bewildering moment for her.

At first, she thought she saw a snake, but it was actually a small creature cleverly disguised as a serpent, showcasing nature’s mimicry at its finest.

Eroles and the people living nearby were completely amazed by this discovery, which ignited curiosity and led to numerous conversations about the enigmatic creature.

Lujan Eroles shared the moment she stumbled upon the shocking revelation, explaining that her first instinct was to let out a loud scream.

The strange animal, with serpent-like characteristics and unique eyes, had caught her eye, causing neighbors to come together and observe the unusual sight.

Eroles expressed her astonishment, recounting to National Geographic: “I’ve never witnessed anything quite like it. It resembled a snake, and its eyes were incredibly peculiar.”

She said that she glanced downwards and came face to face with a peculiar creature, instantly feeling a wave of fear as she realized it might be venomous.

We believed it was a mutant creature, so we decided to record it and share it online to hear what others had to say.

It resembled a snake, yet its eyes were peculiar. I feared it might be poisonous.” The anxiety of coming across a possibly venomous animal intensified the situation, and Eroles soon understood that this discovery was anything but ordinary.

Eroles shared a video of the strange caterpillar online, hoping to find answers and discuss her unique experience.

The video caught people’s eye right away, stirring up conversations and theories about what the creature could be. Its serpent-like features and small stature piqued the curiosity of internet users, uncovering more about its actual identity.

When Eroles’ video went viral, the online community discussed the mysterious creature’s identity. It turned out to be a caterpillar from a rare moth species found in Central America. Despite many thinking it was an Elephant Hawk-Moth Caterpillar, it actually had a unique defense tactic – resembling a snake to scare off predators.

It has two big “eye markings” at the back of its head, tricking predators into thinking it’s bigger than it really is.

The caterpillar, resembling a snake, cleverly avoids predators by mimicking a dangerous creature. This adaptation demonstrates how species have evolved to survive in their environments.

Lujan Eroles stumbled upon a snake-like caterpillar by chance, which not only captivated her and her neighbors but also revealed the incredible diversity that thrives in the natural world. The caterpillar’s remarkable ability to mimic its surroundings provides a fascinating insight into the intricate and resourceful tactics that organisms utilize to ensure their survival.

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