Woman learns a dark secret about her husband’s double life


What I found out at the pottery party is in the link in the comments…

Olivia, pregnant with her second child, felt tired and craved junk food. She found comfort in hiding and eating. Luckily, her friend Ava kept her company and engaged her in different activities.

Ava proposed that they both go to a pottery class to create things for the baby shower. Reluctantly, Olivia agreed because Ava was very enthusiastic about it. They made arrangements for Olivia’s husband, Malcolm, to look after their other child.


Once they arrived, they joined the other women in their designated spots. As the class continued, the women began to share their experiences of giving birth.

A woman’s words made Olivia shiver. She had her son on July 4th, the same day Olivia had her daughter Tessa. However, the woman’s husband wasn’t there because Olivia, his sister-in-law, was also giving birth at the same time.

This was too much of a coincidence.


The lady revealed that her spouse, Malcolm, like Olivia’s husband, couldn’t make it to their son’s first birthday as he went to his niece’s birthday party instead.

Olivia and Ava exchanged shocked looks. Olivia wanted to confirm if the woman was referring to her husband Malcolm, so she displayed a photo of him and inquired if he was the man being discussed. The woman was taken aback and admitted, “Yes, that’s my son’s father.”

Olivia’s heart sank. Her world was completely shaken when she discovered that Malcolm had a child with someone else.

The other ladies at the pottery gathering shared knowing looks, realizing how serious the situation was.

Olivia and Ava apologized and got into the car.


A day passed by before Olivia gathered the courage to confront Malcolm.

She wrote that she couldn’t let this situation get worse, especially with her baby due in five weeks. She wanted to figure out a way to move forward before the baby arrived.

Reluctantly, he confessed to being the father of a child with another woman, which led Olivia to begin searching for divorce attorneys.

She acknowledged that the journey ahead would be challenging, but she is resolute in her determination to recover for the sake of her children.

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