2-year-old finally has “Batman” birthmark removed after groundbreaking surgery


What an incredible progress!

Most couples dream of having a child, and their only wish is for their little one to be born healthy.

Carol Fenner and her husband were like many others. Despite all the ultrasounds showing no issues, Luna Tavares-Fenne was born with a surprising birthmark that looked like Batman’s mask.

Carol mentioned to WPLG in 2019 that she has gotten used to the situation, but initially she was very surprised. The parents were very worried about their daughter’s health. In the first week of Luna’s life, they were unsure about the severity of her condition as doctors were conducting multiple tests. It was discovered that Luna had a rare skin condition called congenital melanocytic nevus, which posed a future risk of skin cancer for the girl.

The family received advice to provide Luna with the necessary treatment, which involved multiple surgeries, at least six in total. However, the issue was that each of these surgeries had a price tag of $40,000, an amount the family lacked.

Carol and her spouse, residing in Florida, brought Luna to different doctors in New York, Boston, and Chicago. They were determined to have Luna undergo the surgeries before she begins school to prevent her from being bullied due to her appearance.

Carol made sure to never hide her daughter from the world. Instead, she shared numerous photos of Luna on Instagram to bring attention to her condition. This choice proved to be incredibly beneficial as Luna’s Instagram profile caught the eye of Dr. Pavel Borisovich Popov, a surgeon-oncologist from Russia. Dr. Popov offered a surgery that was not accessible in the United States, prompting Carol to arrange a personal meeting with him.

The surgery cost $70,000, money raised with the help of kindhearted people from all over the country.

Carol explained to SWNS in 2019 that despite others thinking she’s crazy for going to Russia, she has done thorough research and consulted with multiple doctors, believing it’s the best choice for Luna at the moment.

Over the past two years, the family visited Russia multiple times. Despite the ongoing pandemic, they always made it a point to travel to Krasnodar whenever they were instructed to do so.

Dr. Popov mentioned Luna’s progress to East2West News, stating that after six surgeries to remove the birthmark, Luna can now speak and happily declares, “My black spot is gone. I am a princess.”

The medical procedures are finished. Luna is now resting before we start the cosmetic surgeries. Our goal is to ensure Luna feels confident about her appearance as she grows older, Dr. Popov said.

Luna had multiple surgeries in the past, and recently, Carol posted a picture of her daughter following the treatments. The young girl is filled with joy, just like her parents.

According to The Daily Mail, Carol expressed her satisfaction with the treatment she received here. Luna, on the other hand, didn’t experience any pain and was able to dance just a few hours after the surgery.

Recently, Luna traveled to Brazil to spend Christmas with her mom’s family, as Carol is originally from there.

Luna will have to travel to Russia again after Christmas for additional treatments.

This lovely family is thrilled that everything is going well. Luna, in particular, is looking stunning and is pleased with the progress.

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