We featured 50 people who got creative in really interesting and unique ways.


Have you ever dreamed of seeing a pencil with its tip carved into the shape of a small train, or traffic lights with LED decorations on the poles? It sounds pretty wild, but you’ll see even crazier stuff in this post!

There’s an online community that praises unique art. It’s called “r/OddlyCreative” on Reddit and it celebrates the “odd, the creative, and the utterly mesmerizing”. The goal is to show the potential of imagination and how normal objects can be transformed into something special.

1 This artwork in the Toledo Museum of Art’s Great Gallery is not what it appears to be—it’s an illusion made up of thousands of threads! It’s called “The Indoor Rainbow” and it’s by artist Gabriel Dawe.

2 Malizzi Cakes made a peacock wedding cake where the tail is made of cupcakes.

3 Trees are grown to resemble a fence.

4 The entrance to the room looks like it came right out of Narnia.

5 A train made out of the tip of a pencil. Artist: Cindy Chinn

6 A sculpture made of recycled cardboard, paper bags, and glue was created in the shape of two lions. Credit: Sue Beatrice And Andy Gertler

7 Traffic lights with LED lights are mounted on a tall pole.

8 The Turkish company Hitit Terra makes roof tiles that give birds a place to live.

9 A person who owns a dog made a bus lift to help the dog with arthritis go down the stairs.

10 Shah Cheragh is located in Shiraz, Iran. The walls and ceilings are made up of small mirrors that reflect light.

11 Carrie-Anne Moss wore a dress to the premiere of the new Matrix movie.

12 This crack in the concrete was filled with tile in an artistic way.

13 Tim Noble and Sue Webster created a sculpture from trash called “Shadow”.

14 This Bookmark

15 This picnic table looks like a tree.

16 Joseph Ducreux painted self-portraits in the 1700s.

17 This keypad changes the numbers every time so that no one can work out the password by watching how you type it.

18 Chiseling a block of wood into small figures.

19 Laundry Art

20 The effect of having a table underwater like a hippo.

21 A greenhouse made out of windows with stained glass.

22 Vedad Kulalic does wood table carving.

23 It’s Crazy Hair Day, and she made a small swing out of her hair!

24 A sculpture of an eagle was made out of stones.

25 You can make a dessert that looks like a chocolate piano!

26 Despicable Pumpkins

27 I printed a picture of my art onto a cotton dress for my daughter X.

28 Tom flattened the rug.

29 Drawings of gems that look realistic.

30 Jerzy Kedziora, a Polish sculptor, creates sculptures that balance.

31 Wowwwww

32 Takahiro Iwasaki made a landscape of Hong Kong out of duct tape.

33 These swords are very interesting.

34 There is a sculpture of a ghost in the castle of Vezio, which is located in Italy near Lake Como.

35 Paint bricks to look like books to use as garden decorations.

36 Solar panels that you can see through.

37 An item made out of broccoli that looks like a fish.

38 Darrel Radcliffe is finding time to use a chainsaw.

39 Forest Ballerinas are dancers who perform in nature.

40 Hang Christmas tree ornaments in the form of a Christmas tree.

41 Someone in my neighbourhood has been using mosaic to fill in the cracks in the pavement!

42 Benche of books.

43 This is a ladle shaped like the Loch Ness Monster.

44 All of the letters of the alphabet are carved into one pencil.

45 Woodpecker Wood Carving

46 Scuba divers explore underwater in the ocean.

47 This rock was made to look like a very realistic frog.

48 Hey everyone! I put together a Megalodon diorama and I hope you all like it! If you’re wondering how I made it, check out my YouTube channel “Boiz Creator”!

49 This shelf looks like it is blending into the wall.

50 I created a 3D rainbow painting.

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