We challenge you to guess the animal just by looking at its nose (only a few have succeeded)


Working on our mental agility is something we should be constantly doing to keep our brains ready for action. Although there are many puzzles and challenges throughout the network, we rarely have the opportunity to guess which animals certain body parts belong to; for example, furry and cute noses. Do you dare to test your skill?

We at Bright Side have created a test whose objective is for you to try to guess which animal each nose belongs to. To help you, we give you several options. Don’t forget to click on the image to know the answer!

1. Hamster, guinea pig or hare?

2. Dog, fox or coyote?

3. Orangutan, gorilla or chimpanzee?

4. Cow, bison or ox?

5. Crocodile, lizard or alligator?

6. Tiger, lynx or jaguar?

7. Hyena, wild dog or wolf?

8. Antelope, zebra or saiga?

9. Mini pig, hedgehog or armadillo?

10. Toad, lizard or frog?

11. Coati, raccoon or red panda?

12. Cobra, Komodo dragon or iguana?

13. Impala, gazelle or moose?

14. Pig, wild boar or peccary?

15. Sloth, bear or koala?

What animals do you think are so similar that they can be confused? What other mental challenges would you like us to create for you?

1. Guinea pig

2. Coyote

3. Orangutan

4. Ox

5. Crocodile

6. Lynx

7. Hyena

8. Antelope

9. Hedgehog

10. Toad

11. Red panda

12. Komodo dragon

13. Impala

14. Wild boar

15. Koala

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