This is the endearing scene of a ten-day-old dog taking a wash in a sink. Despite being so young, the adorable little baby has already been given a second chance. He and his two other siblings were saved after being dropped in the garbage. Because they were all found in serious condition, a warm bath was important to regulating their body temperature.

The rescue group that rescued them recorded the scene on camera, and it is a sweet overload!

When volunteers from DFW Rescue Me in Texas saw these puppies, they knew they had to act quickly if they were to save their lives. Thankfully, the good-hearted individuals did their greatest to save those small balls of fur. “Three new bottle babies,” wrote the rescue. “Found in a dumpster in a bag.” They were supposed to be put down… “We are now safe and with full bellies.”

Despite the fact that the puppies are temporarily protected, they still require a lot of attention and care. Even still, their prospects of survival remain limited, as living without a mother from such a young age appears to be impossible. Despite this, the dedicated volunteers at this Dallas-based rescue went above and beyond to keep them all alive.

“Fostering bottle babies requires a very special person,” the rescue said this. “It’s not as simple as feeding them every two hours and keeping them clean. You pretty much have to do everything. We strive to provide care that is as near to that of a mother as possible. Never a replacement, but the best we can do. Warm baths are beneficial!”

In the short video clip below, one of the puppies can be seen lying on his back in the hands of a caregiver, having a very relaxing bath.

Though witnessing the romantic scenario is always uplifting, knowing about how these innocent souls ended up there makes you wonder how some people can be so callous!

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