Viking treasure was discovered when a glacier melted in Norway.


As the glacier in Norway melted, dozens of archaeologists flocked to search for an ancient Viking treasure.

This is the Lendbreen glacier, which has been preserved for more than 500 years and is located on the side of a mountain in Jotunheimen, 400 kilometers from Oslo, Norway. Since 2011, teams of archaeologists have reached the site since when it began to melt, it began to expose dozens of Viking objects, including a mysterious box.

In the first instance, the scientists did not believe it was a Viking treasure. Everything seemed to indicate that it was a simple box of gunpowder, or at least that was what they believed in 2019 when they found it.

“The contents of the box were analyzed at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo, and we were in for a big surprise ,” the researchers explained.

When carbon studies were carried out, they discovered that the box dated from approximately 400 or 500 years ago. When they opened it, they were surprised because instead of gunpowder, they found a series of objects presumably valuable to the Vikings.

The treasure consisted of candles, axes, knives, clothing, and even horseshoes. The candles are precious in the Nordic culture of those times since it was what they used as a guiding light to travel between their different farms.

Let us consider that during the winter months, such as January and February, the night can last up to 18 hours in that part of the planet, so light is essential to lead a routine life.

The candles found are long and made with beeswax. The Vikings used them to light the path between their primary and summer farms.

Scientists have found new items such as arrows, textile items, and reindeer bones as the glacier melts. The loot from the treasure amounts to more than 100 artifacts, including horseshoes, a walking stick, a wooden needle, a mitten, and a small iron knife.

Until now, the artifacts had been perfectly preserved thanks to the ice, but their condition is fragile, and they must remain in isolated environments so they do not begin to deteriorate.

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