VIDEO. Shakira shows herself in natural networks showing that she loves herself as she is.


It has already become clear that Shakira will continue to be a trend for a while, and we will see photos of the Colombian on social networks in abundance. Unfortunately, this is due to the difficult moment the singer is going through, the separation from her partner Gerard Piqué.

However, her fans and not-so-fans do not stop seeing the Colombian and send her all their support in these hard times so that she remains as happy as ever.

One of the factors that have characterized the singer is her lack of fear of appearing without makeup in public. And it is that Shakira is a walking beauty whether produced or not.

For the same reason, her followers delight in each appearance since she is not afraid to show her wrinkles worldwide. If they love her, they love her as she is and as she does.

For this reason, we bring you a series of photos where Shakira shows her natural beauty, and we are all fascinated.

1-. In case you didn’t know, Shakira, besides singing, also knows how to surf, and she does it amazingly.

2-. The Colombian adores the sea, and she is not afraid to go natural to enjoy it to the fullest.

3-. He is also a fan of showing off natural makeup looks that look amazing on him.

4-. Even animals love his face, which is worth millions.

5-. Her children also love her in all her performances.

6-. In his social networks, he is not afraid to share himself as he is and shows his age marks, which are very few.

7-. At 45, the Colombian has fun and enjoys life without caring that she has dark circles under her eyes.

8-. She wants to enjoy family outings to the fullest. She doesn’t have time to worry about her mascara running.

9-. Her empowered lioness mane always accompanies her and makes her look divine.

10-. I think I’m not the only one who misses the redheaded Shakira.

11-. A very retro and natural look.

12-. They looked pretty good, but Piqué left her for a little chapel.

13-. Just look at this monument.

14-. Here fresh and divine, enjoying a relaxing afternoon in comfortable clothes.

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