VIDEO. Humpback whale swallows two women and then spits them out


Unknowingly, the women put themselves in the middle of the animal’s food.

As if it were the famous fairy tale; These women were eaten by a whale but later managed to get out alive. And although with some injuries, they lived to tell about their unusual experience.

Julie McSorley and Liz Cottriel were aboard a kayak off the coast of California , United States; having a nice time. Then the unimaginable happened: a humpback whale accidentally devoured the women. It came out of the water with its big mouth open, as the creature was on its lunch hour. Unfortunately, the kayak was right in the middle of eating, and the cetacean accidentally ended up taking the boat along with its crew into its mouth.

The unheard-of moment was captured on video. You can see how Liz and Julie ended up in the animal’s mouth; in front of the surprised spectators who could not do anything to help them. Luckily, the women managed to survive as the whale spat them out almost immediately.

And contrary to what we might think, it wasn’t because they tasted bad (although I certainly wouldn’t eat human meat if I were a whale). The colossal creature tossed them back into the sea because it simply couldn’t swallow them.

    Despite the enormous size of the jaws of humpback whales, it turns out that their throat is small, so that two people could not fit through it. This is the reason why Julie and Liz were able to survive. Although they suffered some injuries due to the force of the jaw of the cetacean, it was nothing serious and they were able to return home with an incredible anecdote.

    The event happened in 2020 but recently it went viral again due to its implausible character.

    Humpback whale

    A humpback whale can measure up to 16 meters long and weigh around 36 tons. Their diet is based on krill and small fish such as herring, salmon, and capelin. It feeds only during the summer in the polar regions, and during the winter, it migrates to tropical waters where it breeds and has its young. However, during this time he rarely eats anything as he gets energy from his fat stores. That is why the scene was unusual and shocking, because that whale decided to eat and accidentally caught the women.

    It is estimated that the world population of humpback whales is about 80 thousand specimens. Whale watching in warm waters is a great spectacle that attracts thousands of tourists around the world.

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