Video: Boy cries for having to work 8 hours a day, it’s too much!


The video already has more than 11 million views on social networks and has caused quite a stir.

Currently, every day more people show the reality of a job within a large company, from injustices related to high command, cases where large potatoes are smaller than medium ones, and even labor exploitation. The work related to customer service is one of the most valuable but, simultaneously, one of the most underestimated. Waiters or baristas have long working hours, with no option to rest on weekends, and they do it for a really low salary compared to other jobs. Many have come out to say that the salary is so low that they depend on tips to survive. However, it is an unspoken truth that the days are exhausting, and supervisors often do not even appear to supervise.

A young student went viral on Twitter after sharing a video of himself crying and complaining about working 8-hour days. His complaint caused controversy, and a vast dispute arose among those users who viewed the video.

According to the student’s statements, he works as a barista in a well-known chain of coffee shops in the United States, where he works 25 hours a week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

The tasks he performs at his job are incredibly exhausting and are too much for him. In the video, he confesses that there is not enough staff at his job to meet the high demand of customers, so he has to work harder than he should.

I’ve been working for three and a half hours. There are so many customers, and we have four people on the floor all day,” the drummer said in the video.

Similarly, he stated that managers are not concerned for their employees since they are never present at the branch. For this same reason, the video quickly went viral, generating great controversy among Twitter users.

The comments on the part of Twitter users about the young man’s reaction have varied. While some amused themselves and mentioned that the boy is overreacting or can’t take it, others are expressing outrage over long-hour, low-paying jobs.

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