Vanessa Hudgens Gives Birth, Leaves Hospital with First Baby


VANESSA HUDGENSI’M A MOM!!!Heads Home with 1st Baby

Vanessa Hudgens just became a mom! She had her first baby and everything went smoothly. Now she’s bringing her little one home.

Look at these pictures of Vanessa coming out of the hospital on Wednesday in Santa Monica! A nurse pushed her to her car while she held the baby in her arms.

The man wearing a hoodie behind Vanessa is her husband, Cole Tucker, who plays in the MLB. He looked proud as he helped carry all their luggage to their ride.

Cole is really having his 28th birthday today, and bringing his first child home seems like a really awesome birthday gift.

We don’t know exactly when Vanessa had her baby, but usually moms stay in the hospital for 1 to 3 days after giving birth. It all depends on how the baby was born and how the baby is doing.

Vanessa and Cole began going out in 2020 and then got married in 2023 in Mexico. She announced that she was pregnant last March, flaunting her baby bump at the Oscars.

We still don’t know the baby’s name or gender. We tried to contact Vanessa’s team, but we haven’t heard anything back yet.

Congratulations and best of luck – being a new parent is such an exciting journey!

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