Stop Buying Tomatoes. Use These 4 Smart Methods To Grow An Endless Supply


Tomatoes are versatile ingredients that can enhance a range of dishes, including soups, pastas, salsas, and chilis.

Growing your own tomatoes can be a great way to save money (and enjoy more delicious flavor) if you eat them often.

Planting a tomato seedling is a common way to start a new harvest, but there are also alternative methods available.

Here are four ways to ensure you always have an endless amount of your favorite fruit on hand:


1. Bury tomato slices

You won’t believe it, but this is no mistake! We’re sharing it with you for the first time. The Wannabe Homesteader has come up with a straightforward and affordable solution. All you need is a ripe tomato, potting soil, and a few containers. Give it a try and see the magic happen!

Add potting soil to a large container until it’s close to being full.

Next, add a few thin tomato slices over the top.

Choose slices that contain numerous seeds and cover them with an adequate amount of soil to prevent sprouting. Allow them a week or two to initiate growth.


Your tomato seeds will typically take about a week to sprout. You can grow up to 60 seedlings in a single container.

Your tomato seeds should sprout in about a week. You can grow up to 60 seedlings in a single container.

Identify the strongest sprouts, around four or five in number, and carefully take cuttings from them. You can then replant these cuttings in a different location.

Remember to monitor the young plants every couple of weeks.

A couple of the plants could be showing signs of growth and vitality compared to the others.

Remove the less robust plants to create space for the more resilient ones.

2. Plant them in the ground

If you have a spacious yard that receives ample sunlight, opting to plant your tomatoes directly in the soil instead of using a container can greatly boost your harvest.

Bonnie Plants also states that this method results in less frequent watering.

Keep in mind that deer and rabbits have a fondness for nibbling on these gardens, so it’s important to take precautions if you choose to pursue this route.

3. Grow them in Window Box

You can grow tomatoes in a window box with success, even if you have limited space for a garden.

It is suggested to use window boxes that have a capacity of at least 1.5 liters of soil.

To successfully implement this method, it is essential to utilize compact tomato varieties and secure the plant with a string trellis attached to the wall.


4. Grow them in a Hanging Basket

Are you worried about causing damage to your windowsill by hanging a heavy box from it? Instead of placing a pot on the porch, you can opt for a hanging basket instead.

This technique has one downside – the plant will need more water compared to a regular container because the water evaporates faster. DIY Network recommends using a cascade cherry tomato variety for this kind of planting.

Is there someone you know who is interested in giving tomato gardening a try?

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