Unbelievable coincidence: something unique happened in this household with the birth of a child


Everyone was in awe when this boy was born on the first day of July. He and his father both happened to be born on the same day.

But it turned out that the case is exceptional for other reasons as well. The Johnsons learned that they were expecting a child in the fall of 2016.

‘We just relocated to a new home. Regarding our son’s early birth, Dylan speculates that worry may have had an impact on the actual day of birth.

Dylan called his grandfather and announced the news to him. But first, he requested that he take a seat.

It found out that Dylan’s great-grandfather, James, was also born on July 1!

We jokingly said, ‘It would be good if all three had the same birthday,’ after learning of the pregnancy in autumn. The estimated date was early July.

But we never genuinely anticipated that this would occur,’ the delighted parent adds. The news of this newborn quickly traveled throughout the entire planet.

The likelihood of such a coincidence, after all, is 1 in 33,374, or 0.0029%, according to Dr. John, a professor of mathematics.

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