Two skillful police officers rescue kids from a kidnapper; the kidnapper makes a huge mistake which opens the door for the rescue.


The scenario was exactly like a scene from a thriller movie.

Four kids in the age range of 5-11 were kidnapped while traveling to school. While being taken away, the kids managed to give signals to the cops and get rescued by the cops.

The only crime scene footage was recorded in a Ring camera of a house nearby. According to it, the youngest of the four kids was forced into the car first.

We can hear the woman shouting at the youngest kid forcing him in a while, vocally abusing him. His siblings followed him as they didn’t want to leave their little brother alone and were scared.

In the ring camera footage, we cannot see the kids because they’re covered by a tree.

The four kids were taken away, but the kidnapper made a huge mistake which backfired quickly, destroying her despicable plan.

The woman cruised through a junction while the traffic lights were red, but she didn’t know that two police officers were there, working.

As you would predict, the woman got pulled over. The two Detroit police officers, officer Parrish and officer Flannel, started questioning the woman and checking as usual.

This was when they understood that something wasn’t right. The officers questioned her more and more to find out what she was up to.

The officers asked,” Are you the mother of these kids?” It was the beginning of a standard questionnaire asked from a person who gets pulled over after violating traffic rules. But for the kids, it was a way out.

The kidnapper answered the police officers, ” Yes, they are mine,” but the kids answered differently. It was more of a signal than an answer.

According to Detroit police chief James White, the children had shaken their heads, signaling a ‘no’ when the woman said they were her children.

The officers noticed the signal and started to take further action. The woman tried to convince the police officers saying, “I’m really sorry, officer, I was trying to take them to the school quickly, and I didn’t notice the red light.”

But the woman wasn’t able to fool the officers. The police officers began to cross-examine her. They asked her what school they attended, and the woman couldn’t give a proper answer to that question.

Next, the officers took the 11-year-old kid out of the vehicle alone. They asked him,” Is she your mother?” which the kid immediately answered with a ‘no.’ It was confirmation for the officers that she was kidnapping the kids.

The officers arrested the kidnapper and saved the kids. They were taken to the nearby police station.

The officers’ critical thinking and observatory skills saved the children from harm’s way.

“This is excellent news; their skills in investigation and observation are great. The kids’ lives were in danger, and thanks to the officers, they were finally saved. Hats off to the officers Flannel and Parrish, two dedicated workers in the eighth precinct,’ the eighth precinct community – Facebook.

The birth mother of the four kids, Shayla Burleigh, told WXYZ-Channel, “I thank every person who got involved in the rescue with whole my heart. I was scared for my children, and these heroes came to the rescue at the right moment.”

The incident ended happily as the children got rescued, and the kidnapper was taken into police custody for further investigations.

To know further about the incident, watch the video below.

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