Two liters of water per day are not necessary. 5 myths about water use


Drinking plenty of water is believed to help flush toxins from the body and keep organs in good shape, leading to weight loss and improved skin tone. It turns out that it only seems so.

1. Water suppresses appetite

Many people think that drinking water before and during meals suppresses appetite. This is not true. Water passes through the digestive tract quickly and does not fill you up because it does not stimulate the production of hormones that signal that you are full.

2. Water removes various toxins from the body

In fact, by drinking a lot of water, a large amount of urine accumulates in the body, but it does not remove various substances from the body, only their concentration decreases.

3. Water reduces headache

Dehydration can cause a headache, but drinking water won’t make the headache go away. Sufficient water can prevent migraines, but it can’t help because migraines have dozens of causes.

4. Using water improves skin condition

The condition of the skin depends on how quickly water is absorbed. And this, in turn, depends on the general health of the body, the temperature of the air around you and whether you use moisturizing creams.

5. It is useful to drink 2 liters of water a day

Researchers do not find an explanation for this popular myth, because there is no scientific basis for it. You should drink water as needed, not by forcing it.

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