Two kids are killed and a mother is taken to the hospital after her pet pit bulls attack them.


A family member said, “Mum Kirstie is still in the hospital with an uncountable number of stitches and bite marks all over her body, including her face.”

Two toddlers were killed by the family’s pet pit bulls, and the mother has bite marks all over her body from trying so hard to protect her kids.

A family member said that Mum, Kirstie Jane Bennard, 30, fought the dogs for 10 minutes and got terrible injuries in the process.

She tried to get the two family pets off of Hollace Dean, who was 5 months old, and Lilly Jane, who was 2 years old, but both children died at the scene their Shelby County, Tennessee, home.

Jeff Gibson, who is the uncle of Kirstey’s husband Colby Bennard, wrote a very sad update. He wrote, “As of now, there are no plans for the kids’ funerals.

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Kirstie Jane Bennard/ Facebook)

“Kirstey is still in the hospital with bite marks all over her body, including her face, and an uncountable number of stitches.

“Both of his arms and legs are completely wrapped up. So far, it looks like the only permanent damage is a heart that will never get better. Kirstey is a hero, dammit!”

A local police officer said, “Around 3:30, two family dogs attacked a 2-year-old girl, a 5-month-old boy, and their mother in their home.” On the spot, it was decided that the children had died.

( Image: Colby Bennard/ Facebook)

“Shelby County Fire paramedics took the mother to Regional One Health, where her condition was very bad. This is still being looked into.”

The mom’s health has now gotten better. The two dogs that caused the attack were killed.

A family friend said that Cheech and Mia had lived with the family for more than eight years without doing anything bad.

After the terrible thing happened, fake fundraisers were set up to try to make money off of it.

 ( Image: Twitter/ShelbyTNSheriff)

Mr. Gibson said, “Unfortunately, we have to deal with not only this tragic loss, but also the vultures who want to make money off of someone else’s tragedy.”

A family friend has set up a legitimate fundraiser, which Mr. Gibson, who is very sad, has agreed to.

Debbie Harvey, who is in charge of organizing the event, said, “The money will be given directly to them so they can use how they want to.” If you feel like it, please find it in your heart to give. And continue to pray for them every day so they can get through this terrible tragedy. This community loves them so much, and we need to help them.”

( Image: Twitter/ShelbyTNSheriff)

Since the pandemic started, there have been a lot more dangerous dog attacks in the UK.

A Investigation found that the number of attacks has gone up by 26% since the pandemic started in 2020.

Ann Dunn, 65, died last week in Liverpool. She was the ninth person to die in an attack in 2022, making it the deadliest year ever.

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