Twins marry twins and have twin children One in a million cases!


In a unique case, twins married twins and only a few months apart had twin sons.

Twin sisters Brittany and Briana are not only married to another set of twins, Josh and Jeremy Salyers, but both couples live in the same city, Virginia, and both became mothers within months of each other.

In January 2021, Josh and his wife Brittany welcomed Jett Salyers, their first child. Only a few months later, in April, Jett and Briana could see Jax Salyers, the couple’s youngest son. Both marriages uploaded their respective births on their Instagram profile.

“I am so proud of my beautiful wife, Briana, and how well she did. She was so strong and brave, and she did an amazing job. I’m thankful our kids grow up together!” Jett’s post read.

The interesting thing was what they saw after being able to live together. Jax and Jett are cousins, but technically they have a peculiarity that few human beings have: Their genes are those of two brothers.

According to the parents, their children are ” Cousins, genetic brothers, and quaternary twins “, as they commented on their networks. In an image shared on their profile, both couples pose next to each other and show their little ones that they are identical.

Since both parents from both marriages are identical twins, they also have identical DNA, meaning they could pass for the same person. The fact that they have had a child, their first and of the same sex gene, makes Jett and Jax technically brothers.

Many Internet users have proposed doing DNA tests to prove their point, but the parents argue that there would be no case. Having genetics on their side is ” more than obvious the result .”

His followers have applauded the family for their beautiful children and said that, although they had not heard of this type of twins, it is interesting to meet little Jett and Jax.

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