Tribute to her parents: Miss Thailand impressed with a dress made of cans at Miss Universe


In honor of her parents, the Thai model decided to proudly wear the dress that was created with can rings. We are used to seeing that in this type of event elegance, luxury and excess prevail in everything, of course no less is expected to parade the gala dress to capture the attention of the jury, but in this particular case not only this beautiful participant was seen to shine but also her incredible heart and humility.

The 71st edition of Miss Universe has been in charge of breaking all the paradigms that previous contests have had, and it is also full of moving stories such as that of Miss Thailand who told her story during the preliminary stage of the beauty contest. Anna Sueangam-iam quickly became a trend on social networks after parading with complete elegance and pride the dress that was made of recyclable material and Swarovsky stones in honor of her parents, since both were garbage collectors.

However, what most caught the attention of the public was the beautiful message that this young woman of only 23 years sends to the whole world, which is nothing more than not letting ourselves be overshadowed and minimizing our dreams by the comments of third parties and by above all things, always honor and value the effort that our parents make every day, we must not forget our roots and where we really come from.

The 23-year-old Thai model was raised by parents who worked as garbage collectors. Her mother was also dedicated to sweeping the streets of the city of Bangkok, so her childhood was full of deficiencies, but in a home where love was never lacking.

«When I decided to represent my country, it was not at all what I expected or dreamed, people made fun of me, they called me the “Queen of garbage”, because of my parents’ work, but this never stopped me, it gave me more strength to move on, to show them that even with their desire to consume my brilliance, no one was going to stop me, having arrived here is already an achievement for me ». Anna expressed.

They also explained that their dress was in charge of the designer Arif Jehwang of the MANIRAT brand , who was inspired by the humble beginnings of Miss Thailand to create a “masterpiece” with recyclable materials.

“You shouldn’t get stuck in the murky environment you were born into, but you should believe that you have the power to change your own life for the better.” Anna expressed.

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