Trash crew finds tiny puppy abandoned in garbage bag — one man sees him and knows it’s meant to be


Every now and then, animals find their way into our lives unexpectedly, and we believe it’s destiny.

A dog left behind in the garbage was found by a clean-up crew, and one of them went the extra mile to provide him with a wonderful new life.

A crew made up of Missouri Stream Teams, Beyond Housing, and citizens from a Tiered Community found something unexpected in the trash while scouting locations for a clean-up on March 19, as per a Facebook post by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

It was truly heartbreaking to see a small puppy left behind in the garbage, tied up inside a black plastic bag. It’s hard to believe that someone would abandon a dog like this, but luckily, he was found just in time.

Brian Waldrop, the Stream Team Coordinator, was especially moved by the abandoned puppy.

Brian remembered telling FOX 2 St. Louis, “I was on my knees, grabbed it, and instantly fell in love.”

Brian stumbled upon a dog in a garbage heap for the very first time. Despite the unexpected and peculiar encounter, he felt a deep connection and decided to adopt the puppy as his own.

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Facebook/Missouri Dept. of Conservation

When they arrived home, he mentioned washing the dog, which resulted in the dog’s yellow fur fading away to expose a lovely white coat.

Brian exclaimed, “He has such an amazing personality and he is really gentle.”

Brian informed FOX 2 that he had not yet chosen a name for the dog. Although a few people have proposed names related to garbage, such as “Hefty,” Brian has been referring to the dog as “Dude.”

It’s truly sad that someone would leave a puppy behind like this, but we’re relieved that everything turned out well and he found a wonderful, caring new family! We appreciate Brian for giving this little one a home!

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