Toddler asks for 4-day school week: ‘I need more time to play.


Bimbo asks for the 4-day school week:

School and work are obligations anyone, based on age, must fulfil. Willingly or unwillingly, you still have to go to the office or school. Without a doubt, both are tiring practices. For this reason, all we do is hope that the week passes quickly, to rest, and then throughout the weekend. Too bad that the weekend lasts only two days, too few to fully recharge the batteries. The request to reduce the working week to four days is inserted precisely into this discussion.

The story’s protagonist is a young student who has launched an appeal, asking to increase the days of rest and reduce the school week to 4 days. Let’s see better what his request consists of.

Brodie Kenyon from Georgia, USA, is a six-year-old boy who chose to record a video and share it on his own Tik Tok page (jess_kenyon). In the clip, which has reached 1.3 million views, made from his car seat, he has launched a natural appeal against the ” government “, asking for more days off. A weekend of only two days is not enough for him to get distracted from school and devote himself to his passions.

“Hey, I’m Brodie and this message is for the government. I wish there were more days off school , because I’ve been tired lately I need at least three days off a week, to fully recover . Two is too few I can’t do what I want. I need time to play, go for a walk with my grandmother Nay Nay and, also, stay at home and do what I want “.

Although the appeal comes from a child, this theme was very often dealt with because a week of just four days could promote productivity, but above all, it would allow one to rest and return to work with greater strength. Some companies have started this project and found that productivity has increased. Indeed, many users have decided to comment on the video of little Brodie, believing that he is right. ” I am a teacher and I agree with the words of this boy, he is right! ” or ” my company has applied this method . Our well-being has increased and we work even better “.

Do you think a week of only four working days can improve the quality of work?

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