To prevent an employee from resigning, the boss offered to take care of his employee’s daughter: “It makes the days happier.”


Working hours can be very exhausting and some companies do not have the best conditions for their employees to work in a harmonious environment. Therefore, it is necessary for the different companies to remember that in addition to having employees, they also have many people in their charge, who in turn have relationships outside of working hours.

The moment bosses forget to take care of the health of everyone in their charge, something starts to go wrong in the business.

When it comes to pregnancy or children, many women are afraid to look for a job while waiting or to say that they are already pregnant, and they do not even have the opportunity to ask for permission to come with their children in waiting.

However, not all bosses are the same and in some cases, they can be very empathetic. Like the case of Luis Ricardo Ruiz, who selflessly helped Rosita, an employee who was about to resign because she had no one to take care of her daughter.

Ricardo decided to make time to take care of the girl and gave the woman permission to take her baby to work, she would work while he went to take care of her.
The location is a printing business called BigPrint and it is located in Guasave, Sinaloa in Mexico. The story viral on Facebook .

“Vianey is the daughter of Rosita, in recent days she has come to visit us daily, because Rosita has a hard time who takes care of her and she wanted to resign for that reason. I told her not to leave her because of that, that she could bring her daughter to BigPrint whenever she wants and here she puts it right next to me, ”she wrote.

The owner of the store even gave her a lovely nickname and gave her a warm welcome: “Welcome Zarita to the BigPrint team, it makes the days much happier,” he added.

The publication quickly reached many people and already has more than 28 thousand positive reactions, full of congratulations and admiration for those involved.

“I am enormously surprised because Rosita’s publication went viral. We never did it with that intention, but hopefully it will serve to motivate other people to do the same and we support our collaborators a little more, “said Ruiz.

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