To buy milk for his grandchildren, grandpa sells his drawings


Social networks, in addition to connecting people, are becoming the perfect platforms for sharing and publicizing inspiring stories that reach thousands of users and that, on occasion, are capable of receiving the necessary attention to generate such diffusion that instead of just watching an “emotional” video can really help someone.

The case of Don Armando captivated many not only because he is a sweet grandfather, but also because of the great effort he makes to bring food to his family’s table. The elderly man has had difficulties earning money on his own, besides that it is not just him, he has to support his grandchildren.

Don Armando lives in the municipality of Guadalupe, Nuevo León in Mexico and he walks tirelessly in its streets to get some coins to buy milk for his grandchildren.

His story went viral after a young man bumped into him and tearfully told him about his plight. “He sold me the drawing of the virgin for 20 pesos and I gave him 100, and she began to cry because she felt happy,” Héctor Villanueva wrote on his social networks.

The gentleman studied Fine Arts, where he learned to restore figures and paint with different materials, in addition to working in the city for 5 years.

‘I was here at the Plastic Arts Workshop of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, but later a teacher told me that I needed to go to Mexico, because there were the best academies, San Carlos and La Esmeralda, I chose La Esmeralda,’ she said.

However, he decided to return to royal lands and worked at the Casa de la Cultura for a while, but when the pandemic arrived, he had no other option than to look for new alternatives to earn money.

That is how he decided to open his own gallery inside his house and exhibit his works of art in order to earn money little by little. His story moved many and now he has the support of the DIF to see how they can help him.

You can buy some of his works through Ana Ovalle, whom you can contact at her number: 8124694447. “The money raised from each work will be used to restore the roof of his house that is falling apart.” He lives at Calle San Agustín 330, Colonia Jardines de Santa Clara.

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