Man Demands Wife Bury Him With All His Money – Her Genius ‘Solution’ Has Him Turning In Grave


This wise woman woman wanted to grant her husband’s last wish, but didn’t want to be poor for the rest of her life..

A Wife Finds A Loophole For Her Husband’s Greedy Dying Wish
Maya Angelou once wisely stated: “People may forget your words, they may forget your actions, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Most of us aspire to this. We perform acts of kindness, righteousness, and integrity with the intention of creating a beneficial impact for future generations.

Regrettably, not everyone shares this sentiment. Certain individuals yield to their self-centered emotions, desiring to live life on their own terms without considering the impact on others. Succumbing to greed is a prevalent method through which people indulge in this behavior.

A widow, in a story that has stayed with me for years, was completely different from her deceased husband. Her husband was a diligent worker who believed that he should keep all his hard-earned money to himself. With this mindset, he also expected his honorable wife to compromise her morals to fulfill his dying wish. However, at his funeral, she cleverly found a way to honor his wish without sacrificing her integrity. This idea is truly remarkable…


“There was a man who had worked all of his life and has saved all of his money.

He was extremely stingy with his money. He valued money above all else. Right before he passed away, he told his wife, “Listen carefully, when I die, I want you to put all my money in the casket with me. I want to take it all to the afterlife.”


He convinced his wife to promise wholeheartedly that she would place all their money in the casket with him when he passed away.

As he lay in the casket, his wife and best friend sat beside him in black. Right before the undertakers closed the casket, the wife suddenly exclaimed, ‘Hold on!’

She brought a shoebox with her, placed it in the casket, and then the undertakers closed and moved the casket.


Her friend expressed concern, “I hope you didn’t make the mistake of keeping all that money with that miserly old man.”


She affirmed, ‘Yes, I made a promise. As a devout Christian, I cannot deceive. I assured him that I would place that money in the casket alongside him.’

Did you really put all his money in the casket with him?

The wife confirmed, “Yes, I did. I organized everything, deposited it into my account, and wrote him a check.”

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