This was the emotional moment when Maluma gave a house to a child with cancer.


The Colombian singer could not hold back the tears when he saw the boy’s reaction.

Bastian is a 12-year-old boy who was diagnosed with cancer. From the moment Maluma met him, she said that she found ” her life teacher From her” in him. Since then, they have become good friends, and the artist has not hesitated to surprise him with some gifts.

They met more than a year ago, but in December 2021, the interpreter of “Happy the 4″ introduced the little boy to all his fans through a post on Instagram. ” Today I want to introduce you to my partner Bastian… This Angel came my way a few months ago and has become my life teacher,” wrote Maluma.

«Today I want to use my social networks to send a message to all these warriors who fight every day in the battle against cancer, to tell them that no matter how dark the path may seem, there is always a light full of hope. Thank you Bastian for being you, for arriving at the moment I needed you the most. Here we are all by your side to accompany you and continue dreaming together. I love you partner »he concluded.

In that same publication, the singer showed that he had given the child a small gift: nothing more than a cell phone and a smartwatch. As expected, Bastian was very excited when he opened the box and found the cell phone; he couldn’t believe it. The little boy thanked his friend for the gift and gave each other a tender hug.

However, when you have a great friend, it seems that no gift is enough. So, Maluma decided to give Bastian something even more special: a house.

In September, the singer took the boy, accompanied by his family, to a house under construction. There, Maluma lets her know this would be her new house, and Bastian does not break down in tears, especially when the artist gives him the key. The boy commented that he was pleased and that dreams do come true, although they could take time.

At that time, the house was not yet finished, and some details were missing, but it was finally ready two months later. And Maluma delivered her new home to Bastian.

The artist also shared the emotional moment when the little one enters the most extraordinary space in the house: his room. As soon as the door opens, we can see a curious image in the background that makes both Maluma and Bastian shed tears. It was a photograph of both, and it is not for less that they have been moved to such a degree because they have an extraordinary relationship.

The 28-year-old singer, also known as Papi Juancho, is recognized -not only for his music and physical attractiveness- for his disinterested gestures and kind details. He is involved in different social causes through his foundation, The Art of Dreams.

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